Making the rounds

After the passing of my wife I was obviously distraught, I spent my time grieving, Being a hermit and so on, Over time I started to get back into my routine and although I am not looking for love (I married my one love) My wife's little sister and others have been working to try and "Get me back out there". I love my wife's little sister and she was the last person I expected to have try to set me up with anyone but approximately a year or so after my wife passed she mentioned a friend of hers who is single, I shrugged it off but she kept mentioning it, A few days later her friend texted me and said she had asked my sister in-law (I still consider her that) for my number and hoped it was ok, I knew what she wanted and a week or so later she asked, "No strings, Just supper and a movie", I agreed and we had a little make out session in my truck outside her house before dropping her off, We went out again a week and a half later and my kids were at my mother in-laws, We ended up back at my place and I pounded her. Ok, Ok, she is not my idea of Super hot or anything but cute and she has an average "Mom bod", Short, Average build and B-cups, Maybe C but that's stretching it, She is pretty wild in bed and I gave it to her hard.
Well...That set off a series of women that have come knocking, Her, Two other girls my sister in law set me up with and two women that my wife was friends with and two others who I met randomly, One at the gym and one through another friend. So after my sister in-laws friend I was sitting around a few nights later and a friend of my wife's asked if I could watch one of her kids while she took the other to the hospital after a fall, My kids were in bed so I walked to her place and carried her other kid home, Tossed her into bed with my daughter and told her to leave her till morning. She came back after the hospital and thankfully everything was ok outside of some bruising but we had a few drinks and talked and I kissed her.
The next day she came for her daughter and it was awkward but she started texting more often and we talked more and a month later while camping her husband had gone home after their alarm had gone off, He texted and said he was going to stay home and come back the next day since it was late and a two hour drive leaving me and her camping side by side, Again just sort of average built, Very pretty, A little bit bigger b**** but not much and a round booty, We kissed again after it was just the two of us and the kids and the other two couples we were with had all gone to bed, We snuck off into the woods behind the campers and she gave me head swallowing and I was in the process of returning the favor with her leaned against a tree sticking her bum out and me on my knees licking her from behind, I was doing her from behind and had just came when we heard noises that made us panic and get dressed.
After her the girl from the gym, Small, Slim, Tight body, Flat chested and very attractive...Terrible in bed, Just laid there, No word of a lie, Laid on her back and moaned until she came and moaned "Come for me baby, Don't ruin my o*****" So...after she left I changed the time I go to the gym and haven't seen her since.
After that my wife's other friend...What can I say about her, She is a bit of a head case, On and off depression meds, On and off relationship with her husband, Separated twice, Almost divorced once, My wife told me on a trip to vegas with some of their old friends that her husband and one of his friends tagged her like 8 years ago, Average height, A few extra pounds but not bad, Had a b*** job 6 years ago and she knocked on my door while walking home from a friends house, Totally drunk and I bent her over the hood of my project car in the garage, She was sloppy wet and with her bent over and her big fake b**** squished on the hood of my car she looked good, Bum jiggling and b**** squishing out the sides, She has a perfect little pink bum hole, Just perfect and I rubbed it a little, She moaned "Mmm, What are you..." and then "aaaaakkkk" as I slid my thumb in it and then moaned "Oooohhhh gooood god...Ok, Ok just...Ohhh" and then she let me thumb her jiggly ass while I pounded her and when she came she moaned "Oh god I never knew how good that would feel".
Over all a pretty hot encounter, I held my c*** deep in her as I came and she moaned and then she had to mop up her inner thighs after, She made no bones about wanting to hook up more on the sly but I told her we will just have to see, After that I was with a girl that a friend of mine set me up with after he found out I had been "Getting out there", She was a sight to see, Beautiful, a little younger than me, Single, No kids, Never planned on any but my friend told me she is totally ok with dating guys with kids, Blonde shoulder length hair, Great body, Amazing legs, Smallish b**** but that's fine, Round firm bum just beautiful and just a tiny hint of an accent, I don't know what kind but it's there, We had a few dates, Date three we hooked up and she was great in bed. She whispered to me while we were on her couch making out "Please tell me you have a condom", My wife and I had never used one...Ever...I whispered that I was fixed and she whispered "Oh god, You don't have one?", I shook my head and she whispered "Um...Ok...There is other stuff we can do", I slid my pants down and she clenched her thighs and moaned.
Ok, I won't try to tell you I am huge but I do ok, A bit over seven inches long, Decent girth and it's bigger than some girls have had and I don't know who she was with before but she got nervous, She looked down and started panting like a dog and stuttered saying "Holy...cough...ho-o-o-ly", She took it in her hand and stroked it then started sucking it and sat up gasping saying "Oh god you're huge", well...Nice little ego boost so we got each other undressed and after a little oral session each way she said "Oh god, I can't believe I am saying this...I want you in me". I spread her sexy legs, Licked her perfect little bald p**** lips and rubbed my k*** on her and she was pushing her hips toward my c***, I started putting it in and she was sooo tight, Like on the verge of too tight, It took a lot of work and some extra saliva but I got it in and when I slid in she arched her back and moaned.
We were going hard and she started coming and then she wrapped her legs around me, Crushed my mid section and screamed and...Squirted...No...Gushed, Never in my life have I experienced that and she claims it was new to her, She writhed around and spewed obscenities and then got totally embarrassed, I slowly slid in and out of her and she started crying which obviously put the brakes on everything, After calming her down she expressed her embarrassment and told me that had never happened and she was so embarrassed. I told her how hot it was and we headed to the shower, I tossed her salad which apparently was also new and she got off with a little rub of her hard little c*** and a tongue in her bum.
She changed the bedding sheepishly and we pounded again, Afterward she said "I see what all the hype is about", I said "What do you mean. she said "the whole...Bareback thing...I mean, Yeah, You have a huge d*** but I have never gone skin on skin and have never felt a guy come inside me, It's...Crazy". We drifted off and I had a sleepover, In the morning she greeted me with a coffe and a kiss in just a t-shirt that barely covered her ass cheeks, When she got on her tippy toes to kiss me I cupped her bum and she moaned and I slid a finger in her, She pushed back and whispered "I want to, like WANT TO, But um...I need a little break, I'm sore this morning" so we had some breakfast and I carried on my merry way.
Then the awkward, Weird friend of my sister in laws, Total fail, She was so weird and all over the place, We were set up during a social function, She drank too much, Wanted to f***, then she didn't then she started crying while sucking me off in a hotel room upstairs from the function then she wanted to do some weird stuff so I nailed her but she came off the list and then after that my sister in law and I ended up sitting around drinking, She was fishing for info on what i thought about the girls she had hooked me up with and if any were going to get a call back blah, blah and we ended up laughing about the weird one. My sister inlaw doesn't usually shy away from too much but she did get awkward and made me suspicious, I said "What's up?, Come on". She told me they had talked and she said "Aaaannnndddd...Uh she showed me something", I stopped and stared at her, She turned beet red and said "She showed me the video...We were drunk and being stupid", I said "Aaanndd you...Watched it?", She scrunched up her face and nodded then laughed and I felt my face get hot, She laughed and said "Haha, sorry...I was drunk...I'm sorry", I said "Well, That's embarrassing", She blurted out "Pffft, You have nothing to be embarrassed about" and we started talking, She'd had a few drinks and said "Can I be honest?", I nodded, She said "The video is hot...And...You have a big d***, Like if we are being honest...She wants a repeat and I can see why".
I have to say, I have known her for 15 years and since she was 15 and have heard a story or two from my wife, I totally wanted to have a dirty conversation with her but was shy until she said "Yeah, I can't say I have ever seen a guy come before", I looked down and her nipples were so hard I could see them through her shirt and she noticed then stared at me, I may or may not have said "Maybe one day you will get to" and she got goose bumps and said "Oh god stop" and slapped my knee so we will see where that goes but for now I am just having fun bouncing around.

Mar 13, 2020

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  • Have had many friends with benefits. Most were in a relationship or just out of one. Amazed me how many co ck hungry women ready to spread there legs are out there. Best ones are quite plain with bit of extra weight. They gobble that co ck like mad.

  • Well, My wife is still alive and well but her sister did suck me off when I was 17 and she was 14, My wife was 16 and asleep, I have to say, I still rmember watching her on her knees swallowing and gagging until she got it all down.

  • This is highly possible when you are in your 30s/40s.I got divorced then and met lots of women around that time,none friends of wife. But I f***** lots before during and after the marriage. No reason to doubt this.I enjoyed reading it and I sure hope you bed your former sister-in-law. I made out and fingered my sister-in-law few months ago,something I never thought would ever happen.I gave her lots of o****** but only e********* in her thighs 3 different times not wanting to actually f*** her.My brother will kill me if he knew what we did at their house. Enjoy.

  • I am a widower and to those that say this is fake, maybe but when you are in your late 30s early 40s and your wife passes. After a time the women come out of the woodwork. A man in his 40s who has a good job and is a decent person will have women throw themselves at him. He will get the attention like a hot 21 year old woman in a bar.

  • I think you fap a lot and fantacize.

  • Fake news!

  • Interesting read about how different everyone is.

    On the movies they are all very animated. in real life as you note, quite different.

    My ex and I met at church and she was very much of the belief that wives should submit to their husbands. She used to lie still. I can imagine a teenager getting excited if a girl needs no foreplay but within a marriage, I hated it. She was the total opposite of hard to get. I just had to say I would like s** tonight and she would take off her panties and lie with her legs apart and I would get on top and f*** her. Exciting once. Boring as h*** when it's like that every time

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