Sister in law fun

My wife's sister is much younger than me, and I think had a crush on me for a while. Knowing I wouldn't do anything with her, I was still willing to give her a show from time to time.
The first time I let the sister in law see my d***, I was sitting across from her on the floor and sat back with one leg drawn towards me, so my d*** would be exposed to her. I knew she seen it, when she gasped. I asked what was wrong,, and she said nothing.. so I kept it that way for about 15 minutes even after my c*** begain to swell.. another time my wife and i started having s** at her moms house. My wife was bent over the arm of the sofa, while I f***** her from behind. I felt someone watching and it was her sister, looking thru a window. Rather than stop or trying to hide it. I slowed way down taking long slow strokes and letting it slip out so I could play with her by slipping just the head in and out. The sister inlaw never knew I knew she was watching, and watched the entire thing, even as I shot my load on her sisters back.
But, possibly my favorite, was the day she stayed the evening. The SIL, slept on the sofa, and I had woke up earlier than anyone in the house. As I walked thru the living room with morning wood, I could tell my presence had woke her up but she said nothing and didn't move.
After a while of walking around with hard one very evident, I sat in the chair adjacent with the end her head was on.
From my vantage point, I would see the top of her eye lashes moving, so I knew she was awake. It was than I decided to start rubbing myself thru my shorts. Once I noticed her breathing change a bit. I thought it's now or never, so I look my now rock hard d*** out and begin to stroke it slowly with my opposite hand, so she could see the full length of my c***, and watch the skin as it slid over the veined in my engorged c***.
As I wet my hand, now she could not only see it, but also hear it as the pre c** mixing with saliva mad not only my c*** shine, but also my swollen head and shift began to pulsate.
It was exciting her, because her breathing was getting much quicker. Around this time, my c*** let go and cut shut a good two feet in the air, landing just inches from her arm on the sofa. Her, shallow gasp at the sight, assured me. She seen it all.
I sat there for a short period as I regained my breath and as my d*** returned to its flaccid state. After I cleaned up, I returned to my bed, a short time later she went to the bathroom. Stopping by my wifevand i's room to see me laying there completely naked as I pretended to be alseep.

Jan 16

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