My wife loves my male pattern baldness.

This is about love. Since I was a little boy I wanted to go bald 'when I grew up'. I confess I love male pattern baldness, but at the same time I was afraid if I went bald no woman would marry me. So I was conflicted. I was also insanely jealous of several of my college classmates who were already going bald.
Finally, in my early 50s, I was visited by the 'male pattern baldness fairy', much to my delight. But initially I also panicked, fearing my wife would hate it, but instead of hating it, my wife was almost ecstatic about it. She begged me to just let myself go bald and confessed she had always wished and prayed that I would someday go bald. So it was a dream come true for both of us. Best of all, I went bald in less than two years. No, I didn't have a serious illness. A medical checkup confirmed that. A visit to a hair replacement expert confirmed I was 'suffering' from male pattern baldness that was very aggressive. He said unless I did something about it immediately, I would soon be bald. With my wife's blessing, I ignored his advice and just relaxed and let it happen. Going bald in less than two years was an immensely satisfying and pleasurable experience. It was a thrill to find clumps of my hair on my pillow and in the shower drain every day. My hairline receded and a bald spot developed and grew at the crown of my head so fast that I could see the difference almost on a daily basis. I love my smooth, shiny bald head and I love the horseshoe shaped fringe of remaining hair.
Most of all, I love it when my wife kisses me on top of my bald head and tells me how sexy male pattern baldness is. Bottom line: I love my wife, she loves me and we both love male pattern baldness.

Sep 10, 2018

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