shaking under my skin...

my parents have been digging through my bag today and found condoms. and now she wants to know if i had s**. i'm scared of telling her. i've been putting that off for years and now i have to tell the truth. i hid it for so long, the time i least expect to get caught i do. should i just tell her the truth or just lie to her?

i don't know what she will think and i'm still pretty young. i'm scared i will loose everything i have know. my life, my freedom, and of course her trust. i might have to move and she might forbid me of seeing my current boyfriend and i don't want that. he's not the bad person in this. so what do i do?
do i confess and get yelled at, or do i lie and idontknow?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Just proves if daddy doesn't f*** his little girl she goes elsewhere, start giving them c*** when they are young and they don't need to stray

  • tell her.
    you're gonna do it eventually, at least you're being safe.
    It's YOUR choice, NOT HERS!

  • ^ This is correct. Being prepared has been drilled into us at school why wouldn't we be responsible?

  • having condoms don't necessarily mean you are having s**. you could try and explain it away. thats always what i did. it's easier to just tell the truth though.

  • So yea.. how old are you?

  • Might as well tell them. They found condoms, that's hard to explain your way out of. If you try to lie about that, then they really won't trust you. How old are you?

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