Leviticus 19:11

I'm probably the best at lying. I've NEVER been caught unless I planned on it.

I hate myself for it. Some people say its a gift of mine, I think its a curse. Even thought it's pulled me out of some bad situations.

I secretly want to be caught.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Don't you mean McCain?

  • I lie when I feel I have to, and that there's more than just me benefiting from it.

    But sometimes, I know I get tricked into lying for other people. =/

    Sometimes I lie without even thinking though, which scares me.

  • if you want to stop lying,
    then start telling the truth.
    even, if what you done is bad...
    if you want to get out of the lying habits tell the truth.

    i'm like you. i lie and don't get caught. recently though i got caught for something big and now my parents are p*****.

    if your lying about something wrong,
    like you know your not suppose to do it,
    but you do it anyways and that's why you lie...
    then don't do those kinds of stuff.

    i know its hard.
    but its best to stop now,
    rather then later after you get caught.
    do the right thing now!

  • Do you lie for any particular reasons? Do you lie even when you don't need to? Can you accept that the truth needs to be recognized?

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