Caught wrestling with our pastor’s daughter

The pastor at my church caught me and his daughter in a wrestling match. We were wrestling on the mats in the church gym. We were in our jeans rolling around all tangled together applying all different wrestling holds and positions on each other. We were go at it extremely rough and tuff. Has anyone else been caught in a situation like this?

Feb 26

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  • My parents were visiting friends from church and they have a daughter my age. We were outside in her yard, she had a big circle made with a rope. You pin a person three down of shoulders touching ground one point, two points for a submission they can not get free but shoulders not touching ground and three points if you throw the other person out of the ring but you remain in. First to five wins. I get a fast pin . We are wrestling extremely hard a I have her in a submission and get two points. We go again and she uses her legs and flips me out of the circle for thee points. Now it’s 3-3
    We are applying all different techniques and holds on each other and our wrestling is extremely competitive and rough. We have been in close intimate contact with our jeans ** to **. I finally wrestle her to the ground and mount her into a grapevine position and I have the submission for the win. We now wrestle with each other all the time. Many fond memories of those days

  • I am back at this girls’ house and we are playing the points wrestling circle game. I have been her four in a row for four points. I pinned with a leg cradle, full body cradle, full body pin and a pin. By using the grapevine position. She just said it’s not over yet. She use those very strong muscular legs and throws me out of the circle. Now it’s 4-3. We are wrestling extremely rough we are rolling around all tangled together and she is on her back I am mounting her and she in one quick movement gets her two legs on my stomach and flips over her head and out of the circle for the 6-4 win. What a match . This girl can wrestle with the best of them. She and I decided to wrestle one more time. After a good half hour of hard wrestling I once again have her in a full body pin. I am ** to ** with her . She taps out but she told me she felt my ** grinding on her **. She told me she could have cheated and grab my ** for the win but decided do. She told me next time she we will wrestle and do what we have to do for the win

  • This girl and I are wrestling again. She told me that her lady wrangler jeans are good luck for her. The first match I pinned her with a full body cradle and she very quickly pins me with a one leg cradle and we are 1-1. She now pins me again with a full cross body pin. 2-1 for her. I come back after a lot of grappling I get her in a full body pin. Now it’s 2-2 all. I trap her from behind. I get my legs around her waist and my hands behind her head for a submission. I am up 4-2. She is very strong and a fine wrestler and she gets me to submit to her in a tuff grapevine hold. Now it’s 4-4. We are now wrestling extremely rough and she flips me over out of the circle but I have a firm hold on her jeans on one leg and she goes out of the ring with me. No points. I am circling her and grabbing her we are all tangled together and we both go out of the ring and no points. We are still going strong and I go for a ** to ** hold and I am holding it extremely tight and I get her to submit the match and I win 6-4. She knows I am aroused since my hard ** is pushing on her **. She moans and she tightens her grip on my ** and we both ** at the same time. She and I are now kissing and grinding each other and have ** once again. We are now a couple and we still love to wrestle extremely rough followed by some amazing make out sessions to satisfy our sexual desires. We continue this into our marriage and we are still enjoying our relationship which is wrestling and amazingly hot ** **.

  • I met a woman had church who is a widow and I am a widower. Over a few months time we have become friends and sit together in church. She invited me to her house after church for lunch. I accept and go and we have a good lunch and do a lot of talking.
    She is a daughter of a pastor. After talking for a few weeks she lets out she was a tomboy and wrestle with some of the girls and boys from her church. Her mother and father both caught her wrestling. She never stopped even though they told her to. She kept on wrestling with out being caught. I told her we would have wrestled if I attempted her Dads church. After a few more weeks she takes my hand and brings me to the basement where it’s has a work shop, laundry room, family room and an exercise room. She has mats on the floor and she challenged me to a wrestling 🤼‍♀️ match. We spent an hour together just wrestling and having fun. This is the first of many wrestling 🤼‍♀️ matches that we will have.

  • We are now dating and and enjoyed being with each other. We sit together in church, we go out to dinner and go to movies or stay in and watch tv. We love to wrestle with each other. We can get extremely rough in our wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with both of us applying many different techniques and holds on each other. I will get her in a leg craddle and full body craddle for pins. She is good at the leg craddle and uses it yo pin me. She will get me to submit to her in a school girl pin. I get her from behind and have her hands behind her head and I am ramming my hard ** into a rear end but no penetration since we are in our jeans. This position is hard for her to get free and she will submit to me. I now after roughly rolling around with each other and both of us being on top or bottom of each other I will pin her in a full body pin and she taps out. We are both extremely aroused and have most likely ** and wet ourselves. We do not stop wrestling 🤼‍♀️ but we increase the intensity of our wrestling 🤼‍♀️. She now traps me in a grapevine hold and she is spreading my legs very far apart. I tap out but she adjusts her body so we are ** to ** and she is grinding on me. I cry out in desire and she moans with pleasure as I tap out once again. We are now circling each other looking for the take down of the other. We go down together all tangled together and rolling around and we are in a ** to ** hold trying to pin or submit the other. Some matches I get her and some matches she get me. Other times we call it a draw and just lay together and grind away and full fill our desires. We enjoyed wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with each other very much and we just keep on having fun.

  • I wrestle with the pastors daughter and after a few months we got caught by our mothers. We have been wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with each other for awhile now. The gym has mats . We would wrestle with each other applying all different techniques and moves and holds on each other. We were both 15 years old and I could pin her six out of ten matches. I would pin her with a leg craddle, full body craddle, a leg lock on her waist and made her tap out by squeezing her. I also like a full body pin and a very tight grapevine hold. She would get me into a school girl pin and I would submit. She also like the full body pin as well as the grapevine hold and spread my way far apart that I would submit again to her. We were tangled all together rolling around wrestling extremely rough taking turns of who was on top or bottom of each other. We somehow wrestled into a leg ** hold on each other. We are both extremely aroused and ** and I have ** and I am sure she has also but we never said anything or stopped our wrestling to satisfy our sexual desires . We are still wrestling and going at it. At this point our moms come into the gym and see us ** to ** in our jeans going at it extremely rough. Since they did not said stop or break it up we kept wrestling and I lift her up a bit and she tapped out. Both moms talked and then talked to us. They knew we were going to keep on wrestling if they told us to stop. We were told to not be seen by anyone or tell anyone that they wrestle with each other. We did wrestle and have fun for a few years until we got married to other people. Our spouses never knew that we wrestle.

  • I never got caught but I used to hookup with our pastor's daughter when I was in high school, 34 years ago. She was actually my first.
    I was a sophomore and she was a senior. She was mad because they'd just moved and she had to leave her past boyfriend 4hrs away. My mom's family donated land for the church and parsonage years ago and we lived near them. Alice had no friends that summer and she would come over to hang and watch TV. We had cable and her parents didn't have a TV. My dad worked long hours and my mom cleaned at a hotel part-time. Alice started coming over when both of my parents were gone and she vented about how she missed her ex-boyfriend. One thing led to another and she showed me a condom and asked if I wanted to have some fun. We took turns sneaking to buy condoms all summer.

  • I wrestled your mom

  • I guess you want a chance to pin her. She made you submit the first match with a school girl pin

  • I heard she pinned your sorry ** again with a full body pin and you strong away all ** off. What a loser

  • I will wrestle her also into a grapevine position and I will enjoy myself. I can grab her ** with one hand a ** in the other

  • Pfft. Who hasn't!

  • No one we all had a shot at her

  • And so far we beat each of you one by one

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