Wrestling with my girlfriend

We we’re wrestling and her mom caught us in a very imitate situation
Have you ever been caught wrestling your girlfriend?

Dec 2
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  • My girlfriend and I were on the floor doing tumbling, leg lifting each other and other such moves. Her mom was watching us doing all these fun stuff. One move went wrong and she fell onto me and being funny she held my shoulders down for a three and told I pinned you. I buck her off and we are now wrestling with her mom watching. I wrestle her in a grapevine position which is very intense and imitate contact ** to ** position. She taps out put she manages to get me in a leg ** to ** and is applying extreme pressure on me. Since we are both in jeans her mom does not stop us. I do tap out. Our last match I pinned her with a full body pin. Mom tell us we can wrestle all with want but without holding back she tells us to control any sexual desires and emotions that could arise while we wrestle. We agree and now wrestling is our new thing. I love wrestling

  • I need to wrestle with my girlfriend the way that you guys do it. Rough and tuff wrestling and using all different techniques and wrestling holds sounds like fun

  • I asked my girlfriend to wrestle with me and she said ** no way. I was challenged by her sister to wrestle and I accepted the challenge. We are having fun wrestling and I still enjoy making out with my girlfriend and satisfying our sexual desires and pleasures. I am hopeful that she may be willing to wrestle one day

  • I asked my girlfriend once again to wrestle and the answer is still no. So I wrestle with her sister and we do enjoy our wrestling relationship. She go to meet her boyfriend and we have the house to ourselves. She have a good time making out and satisfying each other’s sexual desires and needs. We were two ** and hot people going at hit.

  • Yes me. We were wrestling I had three pins and a submission and she pinnned me once and got me in a very tight grapevine position for a submission. We do not ** each other but it’s ok that we ** while wrestling or hold a position to **. We are going had it again and I have her in a combination full body craddle and ** to **. This is extremely passionate, ** and hot position. Her mother caught us in this situation and she was not happy. She is not upset with our wrestling she just believe that this position was inappropriate. We broke the hold. Took a break and made sure mom was not nearby and we decided to get into the ** to ** hold so we could satisfy each other. We wrestle into our mid 20’s when we both got married to other people and we moved away for our jobs. We both have fond memories of our wrestling days.

  • Lol, omg, yes! My bf's stiffie was out and mom caught us. She said no more wrestling in the house.

  • Why did she say no more wrestling in the house
    Did she not care that his ** was out

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