Fun in a sauna

For years me and the wife had s** for others and I always had a fantasy about letting a guy have his way with her. One night well on a vacation we went to the pool area that had a pool hot tub and sauna and the laundry room off to the side. After having a few drinks we went in the sauna and I started giving her a massage , undressed her and played with her p**** tilll she was nice and wet. When I went to go for a swim I told her she should cover up and she said Maybe I'llget lucky like this so I left her there with her legs open and her sexy ass showing if anyone showed up.
When I went out to the pool I was the only one there and as I was swimming a guy came down with a load of laundry and put it in then said he wished he would have brought a swim suit so he could have washed all his cloths. I said as long as you dont get caught who needs a suit my wife is laying naked in the sauna. he walked back into the laundry room then came out nude and went strait to the sauna and I followed figuring I may as well go just in case the wife freaked out not knowing him. When we went in he sat at her feet looking at her p**** and I sat beside her and started rubbing her ass and spreading her cheeks watching his d*** get hard then slid a couple fingers in her and said well Im going swiming and left them there. A while later he came out to switch his laundry and his d*** was still hard and glistening with mosture on it and as soon as he switched he went back without saying a word. I stayed in the pool area enjoying the hot tub and pool just imagining what was going on in there . when he came out to get his clothes he got dressed and grabed his things leaving without saying a word. I went to the sauna and she was still sleeping withher ass up and a huge puddle of c** between her legs leaking out of her p****.

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  • Very nice of you to treat yur wifey to a freebee from time to time!!

  • You couldn't have at least made your story sound real? Try again.

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