Me and my wife got into a conversation one day about her dad would spank her if she done something wrong , I said that's terrible and cruel thank God people can't do that anymore . I said you must have terrible memories but my wife said not really , I asked her why to my surprise she said it turned her on . Now her dad has passed away now just has well because I think I would have said something , Anyway I couldn't spank her it's not in me to hurt her , So no more was said about it Until just recently . My wife said her boss would say to her if she made any mistakes he would spank her then just laugh , She said little does he know I would enjoy it she said she makes mistakes on purpose but he doesn't get the hint . I said you are joking my wife said of course I am but I wasn't sure , Well her boss would have get togethers at his house every now and again for a select few employees and there partners . So we went to the next party there wasn't many there eventually her boss me and my wife was the only ones left , My wife was tidying up and i was sitting talking with her boss when she dropped a plate . Her boss said she's lucky I don't spank her and laughed , Has she walked to the kitchen I said she would like that do it he looked at me quite straight . I said I mean it put her over your knee , Has she came back into the room I grabbed her wrist and laid her over her bosses lap they both looked shocked . At first he was lightly tapping her bum after some encouragement it got harder , I said pull her skirt up my wife helped him then he carried on my wife was enjoying it and so was he . I then nervously said pull her knickers down he didn't need to be asked twice , He pulled them down and was staring at her p**** this time has he was slapping her bum he kept his hand on her bum longer . My wife was very close to coming all of a sudden she went rigid her legs opened and her bosses fingers disappeared in her , She got up went to the bathroom looking embarrassed has she was gone I told her boss if she makes mistakes at work spank her . It's even better now if you want to know ?

Sep 23, 2018

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  • I was spanked by my dad when I was growing up. I didn't enjoy it and wasn't turned on by it. It was something I just accepted. But when my husband suggested spanking for mutual recreational pleasure, I was more than happy to give it a go and was surprised at how much pleasure it brought me.
    However, if he was to ever contrive a situation whereby my boss was smacking my bare bum, it would be an instant goodbye to husband and job.

  • I need to know more!!

  • As he spanked her since?

  • Yes many times and more , I will tell you the details of what he does to her if you want me too ?

  • Please do

  • Yes details please!!

  • Yes definitely

  • Your both sick

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