The only option

My brother and I are both 24 years old. No, we aren't twins: we were born 11 months apart (I just had my 24th birthday in September; he'll be 25 in October). We look nothing alike, so we're never thought to even be brothers, much less twins. Ever since I started dating girls, he's been bad about messing with them. The latest girl I dated was for a year and a half, we got engaged, and we were planning to get married just before Thanksgiving. Now? No. He stepped in and fucked her and took her. I can't take this anymore. I can't kill him obviously (though I've been mad enough to do that) so I've applied to attend grad school in a far away state, and if I'm accepted I'm going to move and never come home. I can't kill him, I know, but I can hate him forever, and that's what I plan to do.

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