Boys to mares

I work at WWE corporate offices in Stanford Connecticut and that place drives me crazy, I work in media marketing, when no one is a round I look up naked pictures of cartoon ponies it makes me so hard and sad at the same time because I’m a boy pony with a big meat and even though I like it swinging around I wish I was a girl pony with a tight c***, I watch horses f*** on YouTube... I love the way horses f*** they neigh and then the stallion jumps on the mares back and shoves it in, unforgiving hard and deep some times I go home to my fu cking machine, I got it mounted with a huge horse di l do I bend over and neigh and let tear my ass hole pretending I was a pony b**** neighing out loud afterwards I dress up in my panties and pose for pictures, I even have them labeled set up as rotating wallpapers on my note 9 ha, I got pictures of me bent over spreading my a****** pretending I was a mare then later I feel bad... and you know what happens when I feel bad I go to my closet and pull out my robospankerxxxxx yes it’s a real thing I yell at myself telling me that I’m a naughty pony mare and BEND OVER so my panties come down and the paddling beings... I scream neigh and squeal but my ass is being cooked because I’m locked in restraints.
I always place a mirror behind the machine so I can watch my ass become a blistering red tears roll down my face but I know I deserve it,
Later when I get some money I’ll become and girl and find a lucky pony (meaning a horse) and drain him of all the stallion juices he’s got, I’ll write another post on that later what do you guys think

Oct 2, 2018

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  • No I didn't read much of this drivel. Just enough to know WWE has a low bar when it comes to hiring staff.

  • Cuz your just a f***** up as the rest of us ha!!

  • Nah, if your so normal why are you here

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