Hello I'm Pata (PAT) my age 23 years, here's my Love Confession .

It's almost 2 years back my age were 21 years . She (MY Gf) lives just beside my house. She was Thick, Tall and Chubby Girl, age 34 years may be. Her boyfriend was FAT man, but quite enough Rich Man. Now 1 winter evening I saw Her half Naked in her house, and first time my mind got out . And since then I couldn't even sleep in peace at night. So after few days I started talking with Her, and Her family is too Respectful Family and so they never stopped me to enter their house.

In this relation we already passed 1 year and now we both knew each other very well. Now a big thing happen and She came to my house , crying and shouting . Because Her FAT boyfriend leave her and they got breakup. After I heard that in my heart I was so happy, because I'm gonna get Her now . Because She is Single now.

Now let's talk about both of ourselves. :-
She (MY Gf) was 5:6 tall, Her Weight almost more than 78 kg, and She love to Torture Her Boyfriend. My height 5:3 and Weight 60 kg but I got ugly big round tummy.

Now let's go back to the story,

After few days of Her breakup, I gave Her what She loves to eat. And slowly slowly she came more and more closer to me. Now it's already 3 months has passed, and I was totally crazy to get Her.
And after just few more day, She came in my and it was our dinner time so She also joined us for the dinner. Then we get inside my room, and She asked me.

She (MY Gf) : I know You Love ME, ??

Me : WHY?

She (MY Gf) : In these time I got You and I'm asking you this question. Do You Love ME ??

I took few more minutes and then replied,

Me : If I say Yes what You gonna do??

She (MY Gf) : NOTHING !! & ME TOO !!! OKAY?



And then slowly she pushed me on the bed and SHE SAT ON MY INFLATED STOMACH. And slowly She Put Her FULL WEIGHT and Sat on my Tummy by folding Her 2 legs just beside my ears .

Me : You are TOO HEAVY, I can't take any more Please Get Off me.

She (MY Gf) : Okay then goodbye and no more Love from now and don't call me anymore.

Me : You are so CRAZY, !!

Me : Okay You remain Sat on like this way I'm not gonna stop You anymore.

She (MY Gf) : I love to Sit on others, and from long time I wants to Sit on TOP Of Your INFLATED STOMACH. And with MY FULL WEIGHT.

From that moment we are in Love, and I love Her but She always Hurts me in many ways.

Leave Your Experience of Being Sat on by others.

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  • The belly fetish freaks never cease to sadden and amaze me!

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