My Strange Love Story (SHE's Almost 25 years Older than me)

My Strange Love Story
(SHE's Almost 25 years Older than me)

Hello Friends I'm Saamu, while I'm sharing my Story with You all. SHE [my Gf] is sitting beside me and disturbing me.

Now I'm 30+ years old and SHE's 53+ years OLD. And HER NAME is DULAA. SHE'S ALMOST 5:7 tall , Her WEIGHT at that time might be 55+ kgs and now SHE's ALMOST 76+ KGS.

This starts with, when We [me & my Parents] return to West Bengal from Haryana. My age might be 6 or 7 years, and my own house was unknown to me because I grew up in Haryana.

Here was my Grandma & Grandpa and DULAA [MY Gf] used to work in our house. Dulaa was not Widow but Her husband ran away with another woman many years back. Leaving Dulaa and his Daughter & her name is Soma. I'm almost 6 years younger than Soma. Soma is not like Her MOTHER, but She is Thick Girl from the beginning. Now Soma's height is almost 5:4.
I grew up in Soma's hands and we both spend time together after our Studies & School. Soma is Strong Girl from the beginning, and every time She uses Her Weight to Fight with other Girls and She was a fearless very talkative Girl and still now.

Like this way I grew up and now after 2 years me and Soma become a good friend. But we both always use to fight and then again friendship. At that time i'm 9+ years old.

It was a boring rainy evening and on that no electricity. So after few time I entered my Grandma's room and there Soma was studying. And suddenly I started disturbing Her, and after few times She finally got out of her mind and jumped towards me. Soma is a Chubby type of Girl and She's HEAVY quite a lot. Then I gave up and She stood up and I ran away. And like this way I grew up, but her MOTHER used to watch both of us that we are doing.
And after 3 years Soma got married.
Meanwhile my grandpa and my Father went to my Uncle's house and so now me, my Mother, MY Grandma & dulaa remain in our house.

I'm 15+ years by now, so one day I saw DULAA changing Her Saree. Very Secretly I saw Her, and OMG !! Although She was not so Chubby at that time. But HER TUMMY was Ultimate. And I gone mad, I have the experience of Her Daughter's BELLY. But Dulaa's Tummy is totally Different from all Regular Tummy. And since then I started seeing Her very secretly , by now I ask Her to give a Full Body Massage and She does as usual. But slowly She started coming closer, and She now started Sitting on my Bum and gives a Powerful Back Massage.

I was my early 17 and now I'm totally out of my mind. One winter afternoon I asked DULAA to give a hard massage. So after cracking my back SHE SAT ON my Bum and started giving a hard massage. And after few times I asked HER,

Me : Now lift Your Bum up little bit,

She [DULAA] : okay

And SHE lifted and I turned around, and while SHE didn't put Her Bum down on me. SHE was just on Top of me , without Sitting on me.
And from beneath I asked HER.

Me : For so many years You Live alone and You have no Lover or no Husband & not even Boyfriends ..?? why?

And then SHE stood up from me and walked away, and didn't reply back.

And since then i started proposing HER, but SHE didn't reply. And now after 1 & a half year She got tired of me and so She changed Her way of living and started doing something that She never did before in our house.
I'm near to be 19 years by now and SHE was almost 39+ . Where my height is 5 feet ONLY and 42 kgs might be my weight. SHE is 5:7 and almost 56+ kgs.

One Saturday evening we went market for Vegetables and for few others. And again in the market I asked Her about our Relation. And after thinking for few time She said,

DULAA : I'll answer you soon, and now be Patience.

After few months , just few days before Valentine Day, She said

DULAA : On 13th February we both will go My brother's house and there I'll Answers all your questions.

On 13th February we went and stayed there next morning on Valentine Day.
In afternoon after our lunch we went inside the bedroom and I brought many Chocolates for Her. And after few time SHE came and locked the door, while combing Her hair She replied,

DULAA : Why You are so CRAZY ABOUT ME.? WHAT I GOT THAT you are Attracted to. ? I'm an Old Woman, and even ..... ..

She couldn't even finish and I pulled Her on my Lap and make Her Sat on my Lap. I REPLIED

Me : I Love YOU from long back but You didn't understand my MIND. Whatever YOU Are, I Love You Seriously.

but She Stood up and got off my Lap. And now I started pulling Her on the bed but She is STRONG WOMAN. And finally we started fighting, at first I was on Top of Her. But slowly SHE utilised Her FULL STRENGTH AND PUSHED me DOWN AND after holding me down for few minutes when I got tired. And She then SAT ON my little belly. And slowly I lost my all energy and I gave up and now She Perfectly Sat on my Stomach putting my arms under Her Legs.

Me : Why YOU SAT ON my STOMACH, I can't breathe get off me. YOU ARE HEAVY.

but She was silent and continuously looking at my eyes for 10 to 15 more minutes. then I replied

Me : YOU & YOUR Daughter are same, because whenever I have done anything wrong. She will fight and in the end She will Sit on me like same You are Sitting.

DULAA : Oh Yes Yes. !!! and you did many more with Her while being SAT ON BY HER.??

Me : yes I used to touch Her Stomach,

DULAA : I saw many times Soma is Sitting on Your Belly and you are Grabbing Her Belly, Pressing Her Belly and etc.

Me : But your Tummy is 1000 times better and beautiful than Her Belly.

Then She released my arms and Sat Right Top of my Belly Button. Her Bum sanked inside my Belly and Her Beautiful Tummy was on Top of my Chest. So I started touching Her Tummy, and She ate all the chocolates while Sitting on me.

Now in night time after the dinner, She came and started giving me a good massage. While sitting on my Bum. And after few time She lifted Her Bum up and saked me,

DULAA : Now turn around, !!!

As soon as I turned She Sat on my stomach and now She Sat with Her Full Weight. And started crying and SHE told me.

DULAA : How can I trust You , because I'm older than You, KNOW you grew up in my hands and MY Daughter's even older than you . And anytime You can walk away from my life and there are many beautiful young girls who will attracted you towards them.

Then by saying these She lifted up Her Bum from my Belly and I got relief. But She remain on Top of me but not Sitting on me. She replied

DULAA : If You promise that You will not marry another Girl/Woman , you will not leave me alone, not walk away from my life. Then only this RELATION will continue or let's stop it here. !!

Beneath Her , I saw Her eyes become red in anger. And the I pulled Her BUM DOWN on my Chest and make Her Sat on my Chest and again gave Her many chocolates

Me : Be seated on my chest with Your Full Weight, I don't bother . And Your this Pain is nothing in front of my Love for You. And now whatever You said, I PROMISE and please stop crying.

So since then and till now we Love each-other , She gained Weight and She is Strong too, soon from 58 kgs She become 73+ kgs. And after that I started Worshiping Her Tummy, and She also starts gaining Weight and Her Tummy becoming Bigger and Bigger . She love Food-Belly, and She always Sit on my Belly After my Lunch, Dinner and etc. She Sit on my Food-Belly and I Worship Her Tummy, and this goes for long hours until I'm out of my breath. In the beginning it was too PAINFUL but slowly I got some strength and I learned to take Her FULL WEIGHT for long hours. With me She behaves like a small girl, and demands are very stupid. But I love Her so it doesn't matter, our Relation is still hidden.

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