SHE SAT on Her Stomach with HER FULL WEIGHT.. !! New 2018

My age at that time was 19+ years, and among those 2 Women. One was at that time 34 years old, height 5:6" and Weight almost 74+ KG. While the another one Woman's age at that time maybe 27 years , height 5:3" and Weight at least 56+ Kg. They both were Chubby and Heavy according to Their Height. Both of them got Inflated Round Tummy.

They both were my Friends and both of them were married. Their Husbands used to work abroad and they both had boyfriends along with their husbands..

So one day the younger Woman started dating with another Woman's boyfriend. And soon they got together and had enjoyed s** too.

Now this Woman was angry and soon came to me and said everything. And as we 3 were Friends so I thought I would manage everything.
So on the next day I asked another Woman and She said that it's Her Personal matter and She doesn't feel any sorry for that.
And then after having a long conversation She finally replies me that She doesn't Fear anyone and She will Fight back if that another Woman comes in between them.

And so I delivered the message to that Older Woman, and She got a Plan.
So finally after few days we 3 went sea beach near by our Town. And there the Drama Started :-

So we reach there and after spending the whole day we went back to Guest House. And after having the Dinner we came inside the bedroom. Now there what happen, after the Dinner that Older Woman asked me to give Her a tight massage. At first I Sat on Her back and slowly when it was coming to an end She turned and I saw HER STOMACH was So INFLATED and I Sat on Her Stomach and started cracking Her Fingers and Pressing Her Arms and all Etc etc.

In this right moment the younger Woman suddenly replied to that Older Woman.

younger Woman :__ " Why you tried to come in between me and my boyfriend. After knowing that, if both of our husbands knows about all these they both will get angry. So why don't you keep our relationship in secret and let us enjoy every moments of our life. And I also heard you wants to Fight with me for this reason, and that's why I came here. I thought it will be the best place for you and me Facing each other. With no one in between us. I am not forcing you, but if you don't fear to fight with me then you may elaborate. "

Older Woman :___ " As we are friends I know you are a strong Woman. But how stupid it will look, to fight with each other. Although I don't want to fight and all I said in my anger and while on other hands there are some Fire inside my Heart burning for a revenge. You now Get Off ME.!! "

So I came down from Her Stomach and She Sat on the bed. Then I replied ,

Me :____ " No, no!! no fight! only enjoy the night. "

But they didn't listen and we took 2 shorts of Liquor and I was the Referee.

And so Finally they started Fighting with each other, at first they fight with their strength and then they rolled on the floor, on the bed and on the sofa. And they Pushed each other on the on the floor, on the bed and on the sofa and tried to Sit on Top of each other's Body.

And after few more times that younger Woman by using Her full Strength, She finally Pushed that Older Woman on on the bed and Sat on Her Big Round Inflated Tummy.
And while Sitting on Top She slapped and punched that Older woman.
But soon that Older Woman Pushed that younger woman from Her stomach. And again they started rolling on the floor, bed and sofa . And they Pushed each other on the on the floor, on the bed and on the sofa and again they tried to Sit on Top of each other's Body.

Like this way after few more time.
Now the younger Woman started losing the fight because She got tired by now. And after 4 to 5 minutes that younger woman finally gave up.
So the Older Woman easily Pushed that younger woman on the floor. Holding Her both the arms on the floor She was just about to Sit on that younger woman's Inflated Chubby Belly.
And I saw that younger Woman's B**** and Inflated Belly was sanctimoniously going inside and coming upwards.
In between this Older Woman took 10 to 15 seconds and finally Sat on that younger Woman Inflated Belly.
And the She Sat Straight and crushed Her Belly with Her Butt. And slapped and punched Her back, and She remain Sat on that Position for few more times.

younger Woman :__ "Please Get Off my Stomach. I can't take Your Weight. My Belly will burst because You are too Heavy. Please !!! "

But the Older Woman didn't listen and She replied

Older Woman :___ " We are friends from long time and I never thought this day will come, I know You can't take MY WEIGHT on your Belly. "

And by saying this She came on top and Sat on Her B****. And again She Slapped and Punched Her and remain Sat on Top of Her B****. After few more times She finally came downwards and Sat on Her Stomach in FULL WEIGHT SITTING POSITION with HER FULL WEIGHT.
As this Older Woman Sat on Her Belly in FULL WEIGHT SITTING POSITION with HER FULL WEIGHT, Her Stomach Sank inside and that younger Woman farts very loudly for many times. Some water also came out of Her a***, mouth and nose. Because that Older Woman was Heavy and much much more Stronger than that young woman. And that Older Women remain Sitting on that young woman's Stomach for few more time and in between this time, while being Sat on by that Old Heavy Milf. This young woman replied in very low voice

younger Woman :__ " I'm So Sorry my FRIEND.!!! For God Sake forgive me, for at least last time. I'll never hurt You anymore in future and our Friendship will remain till the end. Forgive me if You can or remain Sat on me like this way as long as You wish. "

Older Woman :___ "OKAY!! you Promise that you won't hurt Me anymore."

And then finally that Older Woman stood Up from that young woman's Stomach and released Her from Deadly Pain.


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  • What a waste of time reading that. 😣

  • You've told the same story for years now, get a new shtick or stfu.

  • TL;DR.
    Too Long ; Didn't read.

    Go share this at

    They will welcome it and you will find others who like that stuff too. Go away.

  • Lol your such a self righteous p****

  • OKAY!

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