I ** deers at night!

I get off work and I go hunting in the woods, but I don’t have a gun I’m after a young doe’s **, there’s plenty of deer where I live I run thur the woods at night and catch deers with no hurting them traps like loops around the foot and nets then when I get them I wrestle them to the ground and take that deer ** after I ** one about an hour I’ll nut inside her and let here go! Yes run free my pretty I’ll be back tomorrow night and your tail will be my delight!

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I dream of having a pu s sy

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  • I've ** three. It's great!

  • Https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b1a1a8bd6217

  • ** is ** I ain’t care about no Disease

  • You must be talking about a woman

  • Wtf wtf wtf Wtf WTF!😂

  • You are a lie and the truth is not in you. You also can't spell or form a sentence. You have to be a certified idiot. There are over 20 different bolvine diseases you could get by having ** with a deer. If you were, you wouldn't be bragging about it. You would be to sick. Your a certified level One Idiot!

  • You got trolled!

  • No you don't do that. Deers are too strong to be handled like that.

  • Deer ** I have ways, it also pays to be 6 foot 5 I trying to emphasise I like the struggle

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