I dream of having a pu s sy

Growing up I’ve always been into girls toys, I got smacked by my dad for watching my little pony I thought it was really cool when it came on in 1983 I saw the ponies with there pretty colours and wings and thought and dreamt that I could fly into a world like that is that even possible? When I grew in age I become aware of girls and just how different they were I sighed in school surrounded by the pretty girls and there pretty p****** that I could imagine in my mind a girl walks by me in the hall annnd under her dress is a pretty pair of pink panties and underneath those pretty panties is a set of pretty pink lips that are so soft and delicate that only the finest cotton may rub them how close I was I felt like Hannibal Lecter in the prison cell in silents of the lambs SNIFF... when I was in college all I wore was panties, there so soft and delicate around my b**** if only I was born female my life would be perfect but I did not luck out on that end, my dream is too be a real girl not a tranny not a d***, I want to be a natural girl and no surgery is gonna do that will it let me stop you NO it’s not don’t even comment I could only imagine being picked up maybe with a cheesy line dating for a while and then maybe invite my to your place hey I don’t have anything to sleep in so you give me your pjs and I wear them and we cuddle watching a movie you start to kiss me and your hands slowly rub my thigh I look at you and nod and you slip you hands down my jamies fondling my pretty pink p**** I love you so much that it’s okay you pull down my pants and I’m now naked, you rub my v***** spreading my lips looking at the inside it’s so small and tight I tug on your pants and pull your p**** out I lick my lips as you slide it down my mouth gulp gulp oh ahh it’s so thick I wonder in my head will it fit? I look up toward you as I pleasure your p**** with my hands on the floor moving my head up and down closing my eyes and just sucking deeply 20 minutes 20 hours goes by i feel you caress my hair then you give me your love and I drink it up you shove me over and smack my butt rubbing your p**** against my v***** lips and then pressing deep in I squeal out ahh oh ahh you begin tearing my v***** making me ride it I Moan out oh yes! I can feel the texture of your p**** inside of me bashing my pleasure button on the inside slowly my v***** become red and the pleasure makes me scream I turn around and you splatter my face with s**** a little later I’m laying here having my baby screaming at you telling you I’m never having s** with you again! Phew I’m glad I’m a boy who wears panties,I do have a p****! I just happen to p*** out of it

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