I have alot of secrets.

Well, lets see. first of all, i'll tell you a little about myself. i'm fourteen. i'm a girl. i consider myself pretty. and, skinny. but, that's not why i'm here. i'm here to confess. because i need to get a few things off my chest. first; my mom. my mom smokes weed. in our house. with me in it. not only that, but, she's growing it. in my basement. the only person i've told is my bestfriend. my mom does not know that i know this. i'm scared.. for my life. the second thing is, that well, my life sucks. i never have any food to eat, my house, obviousley smells like smoke all the time. along with my clothes. and, i have nothing to do. recently i accidentally left my lights to my room on, and my mom took everything electrical out. we have no tv. my mom has a job. but, she gets paid minimum wage. my mom has a boyfriend, who doesn't have a job, but, decided to eat all of our food. my mom can't pay for me. i may not seem like it, but, i'm a pretty depressed person. i'd say more. but, i have no room left..<3 help.

Apr 30, 2012

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  • If you are scared for your life you need to talk to someone in a position of power. Have you considered other living situations? Is there a relative who you can talk to about this? Is your mother passed being reasoned with? If she is being abusive to you the law may have to get involved, no matter how bad that may seem... good luck

  • I think you have what it takes to feel better within you, you just dont see it and dont have anyone around you to show you how. Be patient, time heals all wounds so no matter how dark and sad things may seem just remember they will get better. When it pour it rains but there can be no rainbow without it coming first. Hang in there, you'll be ok :)

  • i would like to talk to you and help will you have me

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