I should be very unhealthy

I'm a 40 year old woman married to a gorgeous husband 5 years older then me. I live a dream life. No job--do whatever I want all day. I eat what I want whenever I want (most of the day), and have grown to a lovely 378 pounds (5'9"). I drink a six pack of Corona a day, and smoke 3 packs of ciggies a day. Mostly, I hang out on the couch with my girlfriend, who is also very fat and a smoker. I went to the doctor last week for a checkup and flu shot. He did some blood tests, etc. Short story is I'm perfectly healthy--no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, no diabetes, etc. My hubby, on the other hand works out, watches his weight, and has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I feel guilty enjoying myself all day long and being perfectly healthy. But that won't stop me, hehehe.

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  • Your husband has got high blood pressure, because his lazy obese wife, sits on her backside smoking and drinking all day, whilst he's out working hard

  • True!! You fat pig,you think you're sexy,but let me tell you you're not.
    Disgusting obese smelly trout.

  • Keep going. I don't smoke but I love being fat & love to eat. I convinced my husband to fatten me quite some years ago, now I weigh over 600lbs and just want to get even fatter.

  • You and your husband are so fortunate. Love big fat hanging gut women. Best curve on a curvy woman is a big fat gut

  • On our honeymoon I begged my tall slender bride to please let herself go and get fat, now that we were married. She did, but it took several pregnancies and about ten years for her to double her weight to about 280 pounds. It was wonderful watching her gradually lose her hourglass figure. Our s** life got better and better the fatter she got. I gave up something also: my hair. I went bald. But that took thirty years. Her weight gain was her choice, with my encouragement. My going bald was involuntary. It happened, regardless of how I felt about it at the time. But guess what? My wife loves my male pattern baldness (she has told me so many times) and now I love it too. She is fat and I'm bald and we couldn't be happier. She knew I wanted her to get fat. Did she want me to go bald? Was my going bald her wish come true? If it was, I wish she had told me, as I would have enjoyed going bald much more than I did.

  • I have a thing for large women. I love making love to them while they actually eat and share some with me. It's so hot and sexy. My favorite is to make love while she is eating a steak sub with the works and French fries. I have her put a couple squirts of ketchup between her breast so I can dip the fries in them. Oh My God! That's so hot. Then we finish by me going down on her. I usually use a nice strawberry flavored lube. I have also stuck candy bars in her a*** for her to push back out and then I eat them. Sometimes we use Hershey kisses. But my favorite is a Baby Ruth. I just adore big women. I'm a bit chubby myself . But I love all the rolls and blubber on a woman so sexy.

  • Madam I think I have your daughter living on my sofa. My daughter brought her home to our house four years ago and we can't get rid of her. We have had to padlock our fridge but some how she keeps getting into it and eating our weekly food supply. If she is yours please come and claim her before the rest of us starve to death. Just like you she smokes like a chimney, drinks booze like a fish and gobbles up everything in sight like a f****** cyclone. Help!

  • Man, you are very lucky. For that matter, so am I. When my wife got pregnant, she gained a ton of weight--really taking advantage of the opportunity to pig out. After she had the baby, I figured she would lose it, but happily, she never stopped gaining. 2 years later, she is now at least 150 heavier than when she gave birth, and at the time she gave birth, I knew she had gained 77 pounds. She won't tell me what she weighs now, but I'm good at guessing.

  • You go, baby!

  • Enjoy this time sooner or later you ll pay for you careless attitude towards life

  • YEP! She will be the subject of a "we never expected her to just fall over dead outta nowhere" type conversation.

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