Birthday Surprise for my wife

For my wife 33rd birthday we decide to go to Vancouver for the weekend. I've been asking my wife to have s**with other men but she have never agreed. She says I would never let her do it.

Well, since we were away and it's her birthday I decided to test her. We went out on Saturday night and had a few drinks. There were 4 guys that was checking her out the entire time. Just before we left she wanted to use the washroom.

I told her to go and I'll wait for her in the car. Just ask she got into the washroom, I quickly went over the the group of guys and offer them to play a game with me for my wife's birthday.

I told them I wanted to fake a g******* for my wife and see if they would play along. I told them they can make out with her and touch her with clothes on. Once I say stop the have to stop. They happily agree since they thought she was hot. I told them where we staying.

When we got by into the hotel and asked my wife to wear a lingerie and I'll blindfold her because I have a surprise. My wife is Asian with a 34D size b**** and slim fit.

Just as I blindfolded her the guys knocked on the door. I opened and the 4 guys shows up, I think one guy was 18-19, then a mid 30s and two in their late 50's.

I told them to come in and in sit beside my wife that was siting on the bed. I told her to open her eyes and she was shocked to see 4 other guys in the room.

She asked me, is this the surprise? I said yes. She laughed and said you would never let them. So I told the boys to start. They all started to touch her and kissing her. She got so h**** and started to touch them too. Before you know, she was trying to take the pants off. I didn't stop them and let them continued.

She was shocked and the 2 older guys had the bigger c*** and she was sucking them like a lollypop. They all took turns to have their c**** sucked by her and just before they have s**. She asked me for comdoms, I said I didn't buy any and told her to enjoy.

I have never seen my wife c****** so many times. They even double penetrated her and she loved it. She said thanks to me after being exhausted and have all these c**** inside her p*****, mouth and all over her.

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  • I have a fat 8in c*** if your interested

  • You have a hot wife on your hands you lucky dog

  • Thanks, I figure I try sharing so others can enjoy her as well. She enjoyed the g******* that we had.

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