Losing a Fight In Front a Girlfriend.

I lost a fight in front of my girlfriend, Jasmine. And I lost easily. And to a smaller guy I should have been able to handle. Can you imagine how embarrassed I was? And two of her besties were there to see it. After the fight I had to face her, and I didn't know what to say. She asked me if I was alright, and I told her I was. Nothing more was said until we were alone. And then she really let me have it. "Do you have any idea how embarrassed I was tonight?" she asked. I didn't know what to say. But she sure did. She told me how her friend, Sophie, teased her because I got beat up easily.
Until then, I never realized that a girlfriend felt so much embarrassment when her man loses a fight. But Jasmine set me straight on this. She said when a guy loses a fight, it's also a loss for the girlfriend. Except it's worse, because she had to contend with the other guy's girlfriend, who gives her the "look." The "look" lets her know that her boyfriend is the superior male. And a little smile goes along with the "look" that rubs it in even more. After the fight, Jasmine told me it isn't unusual for the winning girlfriend to make a teasing remark to the losing girlfriend. And then the losing girlfriend also has to face her friends who were there watching. And of course, those friends make sure every female they know find out how the fight went. So Jasmine had to face her two friends, Sophie and Anne. And then Jasmine had to be teased by the friends who found out about the fight. So sure it's embarrassing to lose a fight in front of your gf. But now I know it's embarrassing for the gf as well. Go figure.

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  • Tell her if she's that embarrassed by it, she can leave. In fact, don't give her a choice, just tell her that you deserve to be with a someone who respects you. Kick her to the curb.

    And if it's such a big deal getting teased by the other girl, tell her to go and fight her. Then laugh as she gets the s*** kicked out of her.

    You win some you lose she some pal, but the important thing is, have you learnt anything?

  • Beat your girlfriend if she says another word about you getting your a s s beat. You underestimate the little guy. Those little guys are not punks. You don't underestimate anyone. Not a small guy or a small girl. Everyone is dangerous and all it takes is one punch to drop you. Every fight is a fight for your life. Come on man! T******* up!

  • Wow your just a little b****

  • 2000+ years of civilization and were still just mammals.

  • Fake prestige and non sense post

  • I'm an alpha male and can sort this out for you!

  • What is your solution

  • Are you still with your girlfriend?

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