That was awkward

My oldest daughter, My oldest of 4 is now 22 and pregnant, I had her when I was just 18 and by the time I was 24 I had all 4 of my children, My husband passed 7 years ago and I have been trying to do my best with all 4, All on my own since.
My oldest daughter got married 2 years ago to a wonderful young man I have know since the day he was born, Literally. The other day he walked in on me changing and that's when things got awkward, I had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting on the edge of my bed and heard the front door open and close but didn't think anything of it since, With 4 children there are always people in and out of the house but I normally work Fridays and had taken the morning off for a doctors appointment.
so there I am standing in my bedroom, Naked and putting lotion on my legs, I had one foot up on the bed and in the worst possible position I could have been, One foot on the bed, Reaching over to the night table for the lotion bottle and my bedroom door opens, I freeze, Look toward the door and there is my daughters husband who's gaze is very obviously locked on my v***** which I have kept completely shaved since my 20's for the only reason that it is easier to just shave it all than to try and make sure the sides are even and trimmed properly and whatever, Anyway, I had the lotion bottle in my hand and dropped it, tripped trying to put my foot down and cover my v***** and fell on the floor.
My daughters husband, Just not thinking I guess tries to help me up and I am flabbergasted so as he reaches down to take my hand I take his and he helps me up then I bolt for the bathroom attached to my room so by this time he has seen everything, V*****, B****** and now my butt, I got a robe on and came back out as he was trying to clean up the lotion I had spilled, He was immediately apologetic and apologized for walking in unannounced, Now had it not been enough that my 24 year old son in law just saw basically every inch on me naked it got worse.
I have always been a small breasted woman and I breast fed all of my children until they were 18 months old which left me with small, Empty, Flat b******, I have contemplated natural solutions, Surgical solutions and fat transfer but it just never took priority, Before children I had small, kind of weird nipples, One flat and one slightly inverted but 72 months of breast feeding has left me with large nipples which I used to cover with band aids until I found the actual nipple covers because even with a padded bra, Undershirt, T-shirt and a sweater you could still see them if I didn't cover them, When I was younger they were small, firm and perky but now are just deflated with big nipples and my nipples are always hard and my areolae are always wrinkly which I personally think makes them look worse but my husband loved.
My son in law and I talked for a few minutes and I could tell he wanted to say something, Finally I said "Is there something you want to say...Or ask", He looked at me red faced and said "Um...Just...I mean...Umm" and I said "Just ask" and he said "Your...Nipples", and my heart skipped as I cleared my throat and said "what about them?", I was honestly a bit angry at the mention of my nipples but he very cautiously asked "umm...I have never seen...Anything like them, Is that from breast feeding?", We sat and talked for a bit about breast feeding and how it had changed my body then we discussed how it was inevitable that my daughters body would change, He asked about stretch marks which I only have two, One on my inner thigh and one on the side of my left breast.
We discussed how it was different for everyone and he admitted that he was a bit worried about stretch marks, I told him it was nothing to be worried about and just a fact of life if they were going to have kids then I decided to show him my stretch mark, I pulled the one side of my robe across covering both b****** and pulled the other side open a bit exposing my small stretch mark, He surveyed it and I said "Go ahead and feel it", He ran his finger tip across it and we discussed it as we both looked down at it, My robe slipped out of my fingers and I flashed one of my nipples again, He looked at me and said "Are hers going to look like that", I explained that through genetics and so on that there was no way to know what her body or especially her nipples were going to look like and then he asked "can i see it", I said "My nipple?" and he said "Yeah", I said "Uh...Well...I guess" and let my robe slide open exposing my one breast, He reached out and cupped my breast lifting it which made the skin wrinkle and I looked away embarrassed, He squeezed it and looked at it then took my nipple between his finger tips and said "Are they more or less sensitive", I was totally embarrassed but said "More" and after he cupped my b*** with one hand and pinched, Twisted and pulled at my nipple with the other for what seemed like an hour but was actually a minute or so I looked at him and he was looking down so I looked down which was when I realized he could see down my robe and see my v*****.
He realized he was caught looking at my v***** while pulling on my nipple and apologized, I covered up and said "Ok...We are done here", He said "Sorry, We haven't had s** in three months because of complications and I just...You have a beautiful p****, Sorry...But you t*** are amazing too", I said "Ok, Time to go" I got dressed and he was gone when I came out, Since then twice he has come over and we have had a "Discussion" about stuff, I don't know if he is trying to get me to let him play with my b*** again or not but I have kept it very clinical and cold so hopefully he realizes that is not happening again


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  • I think he wants you. When was the last time you had a man to hold while he pumped you good. Think about that feeling

  • OK thanks for your story but you really need to have s** with him for your enjoyment and let him full you with his sperm. Guys are so totally turned on by their wives mother's for some reason so you really need to take advantage of the situation with him and see what he looks like nude and make believe that it was all an accident giving in to him

  • Let's see your daughter is curious about what happens to men as they age. Their chests can sag if they had lots of muscles. B**** halfway to their knees. Erectile issues. 2 year itch. Midlife crisis. It goes on.

  • Obviously your daughter isn't taking care of his sexual needs. You have now opened the door to a sexual relationship with him. He will be back wanting more than to play with your t***.

  • God I'm hard from reading this! If I had been him, you would have me naked pounding you on the floor!

  • It is gonna happen again and again or else you would have put a stop to it. Endulge, enjoy...

  • Next time he comes i hope he f**** you deep down in your cunny. Else you need to investigate his rod how big is it and whether it fits in your daughter or you. Feed him some milk okay

  • He will be back and he will fuckk you. What do you think he won’t have erection when he touched your b****. This is what you want you know that very well.

  • Guys will f*** pretty much anything

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