My sisters friend

When I was 12 a good friend of my sister,she was 14, knocked on the door looking for my sister. I told Dianne she wasn't home,but if she wanted I said she could come in. She said ok even though no one was coming home for a few hours.

She went into my sisters room to wait. About15 minutes later I went into the room. To see if she wanted anything. Sitting on the bed she said she wanted to show me how much her b****** had grown. She lifted her shirt to show me. She wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her small but noticeable b******. I didn't know what to say, so I said yeah they look nice. She then asked me if I had grown at all. I didn't know what she meant. She asked me to take my pants down. I was kind of embarrassed but didn't know how to react so I did. I could feel myself getting harder when I took off my pants and she was looking at me.

She must have been surprised as she said "wow you have grown" without saying anything she took her skirt and panties off. I didn't want to stare but couldn't help myself.
She layed back on the bed and said "get on top of me. I got on the bed and Layed on top of her with my p**** touching her v***** andmychest touching her little b******.

I was really hard at this time. Never felt that way before. She wiggled around for a few minutes and then I felt her touch my p**** and begin to press it closer to her v*****.
She kept pushing it closer and closer until I feel it starting to go inside her. I didn't think it could go in any more but she kept pushing it in. Finally all of a sudden I could feel it slip all the way inside her. She started to move her body faster and faster it really felt good and I could feel it getting really wet. After. Doing this for a few minutes all of a sudden She began to quiver a lot. My p**** came out but she was still quivering. When she finally stopped she grabbed my p**** real hard she began to stroke it. It felt really good and I could feel the excitement build. Finally I couldn't hold It any longer and began to quiver like she did. Nothing came out but it really felt good. Once it stopped she bent down and kissed the end of my p****

Almost every night for a long time I remember that day with Dianne. We did it a few more times year later but then she moved away

Oct 27, 2018

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  • Very nice, love underage p****


  • Damn how long ago was this

  • I feel you how awesome that feels i was 13 when first my elder sister's friend kissed me for long deep tongue, which ignited me and jerked off many times assuming her. Wish i could f*** her as well

  • Wooow you were 12?! That's just crazy... Interesting though.

  • My sistet and i fool around

  • Do you live in alabama

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