My wife and I were at a hot tub party the other night, Some friends had recently had a new hot tub installed as part of a yard landscaping so we went over to break it in.
One of my wife's friends was there and her husband had decided not to come as he wasn't feeling well, There were four of us left in the hot tub, Me, My wife, Her friend and the guy who's house we were at, His wife had stumbled off to bed a half hour or so before. He had said something about my wife's friends chest (She has new boobs) and my wife who is normally pretty playful had grabbed a handful a couple times already.
My wife's friend pulled her top open a bit almost exposing her nipples but not quite and squeezed her boobs together showing off her cleavage, My wife was feeling good from the booze mixed with the hot tub and basically told me to go ahead and grab her friends boobs, I slid my hand across her cleavage and gave them a little squeeze from the top as they both giggled, I kept touching and soon both me and him had our hands in there feeling her cleavage. My wife had squished hers up and we were feeling back and forth commenting on "Real or fake". Our host had slipped his hand in my wife's top and pinched her nipple, My wife tensed up and her eyes got wide as she said "Whoa there mr. gropy".
My wife pulled his hand out of her top and said "Ok, Well now you have to pinch her nip" pointing at her friend, Before anyone came to their senses I quickly slipped two fingers in her top and took her nipple between my fingers pinching and rolling it a bit, and she swallowed hard, Moaned a little and then said "Ahhh, Shit, Ok...Stop", My wife's eyes got wide and she looked at me then at her friend as her friend grabbed her boobs squeezing them taking a deep breath then let it out as she clenched her thighs. My wife looked at her and said "What was that?" and her friend laughed saying "Whoa, Since having these" waving her arms around in front of her chest she said "I don't know but THAT...Is my new thing", She explained that she had never really had super sensitive nips before having her boobs done but that now they are crazy sensitive. Everyone had a good laugh about it and we all went home, My wife and I were getting down in bed and she whispered to me "Did you enjoy ######'s little show when you pinched her nip?", I looked at her and since my wife NEVER brings up anything sexual I nodded my head and said "Uh...Yeah", My wife laughed, Pulled me down on top of her and whispered in my ear "I enjoyed watching you touch her".
Well needless to say I lasted about two minutes after that and then I went to work on her and she got off shortly after, The next morning I hinted about it and all she would say was "Don't ruin it by talking about it".

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