Me and my wife went on a week's caravan holiday in England the weather was fantastic which is a bonus , When on holiday you relax and do things you would not normally do like your dress code you dress for the weather . Well my wife was no exception she would not wear this at home and walk about the shops , But on holiday she lost all her inhibitions thanks to me I said nobody takes any notice of you relax . My wife was walking about in her heeled sandles wearing really short skirts with her bikini top on she looked hot . Obviously she would wash her bikini bottoms so she would wear her panties this made it for some reason to me exciting , Anyway we got friendly with a older couple that had there own caravan next to ares . So we hung out with them they was nice i would say I there 50s has for us we was in are 30s , Now the wife Lucy was constantly putting her arm around my wife and my wife would do the same back just being friendly . Well we all went for a walk and we came up on this gate that we had to climb over , Then it was my wife's turn and all eyes was on her. Obviously you can't be to elegant climbing over a gate and my wife's panties was on full display , I was surprised how small her panties looked it was a good thing she had shaved herself for the holiday she looked nice and tidy . Jim and Lucy watched my wife struggle over the gate they both was looking at her crutch , My wife looked a bit embarrassed Lucy put her arm around my wife and gave her a cuddle and kissed her on the lips my wife looked a bit shocked . Jim said oh nice do it again we both want to see you kiss don't we i found myself saying yes my wife looked nervous , At first it was just a peck on the lips eventually they was kissing it was hot Jim kept encouraging them to kiss more . Then Lucy put her hand on my wife's b*** my wife pushed her hand away , jim said it's ok it's nice we both want to see this don't we and I found myself saying yes I was in the moment . Jim leaned forward and put my wife's hand on Lucy's b*** then said go on squeeze each others t*** this went on for a while , I started getting nervous I didn't want jim to have s** with my wife this was one thing that's was another so I pipped up and said this to Jim . Jim said don't worry this is fun watching the girls lets just enjoy this , I felt more relaxed now and my wife seemed to relax with this situation . Lucy put her hand up my wife's skirt again my wife pushed her hand away , Lucy tried again saying let me rub it better you hurt it on the gate , This time my wife just let her rub the crutch of her panties Jim said to Lucy put your hand inside her panties . Lucy did this not only did my wife let her she parted her legs Jim noticed this it seemed to spur him on he was getting more verbal . Jim said to Lucy I think it's time to reveal what was in those panties then looked at me , I said yes I think so then Jim said to me remove her panties I pulled them down my wife stepped out of them . He told me and Lucy to step away from my wife then he told my wife to take her top off then her skirt she was standing there in her shoes . Then his attention went to his wife he told her to strip she wasn't that keen at first she eventually got naked all but her shoes , Then he told my wife to lay on the grass and for Lucy to get in the 69 position Lucy started licking my wife . My wife never had to be asked they was like animals eventually they both finished and laid there exhausted , We all went back to our own caravans and had are own fun , But it never ended there that was just the start ?

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  • What you ducked him off! And he you!!!

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