My life is basically a mess

So I've known what p*** was since I was in first grade. And now that I'm 13 in 7th Grade I don't really know what to do. I know a s*** ton of things I shouldn't. I know how f***** up the world is. And.... I can't stop looking at girls in my school in a f****** sexual way. I wanna know how to stop doin that s***. I think it might have something to do with puberty and hormones but I don't f***** know. If you wanna know what I mean by sexual way I mean like looking at the girls ass and thinking about f****** her and etc. Everyone at my school is obviously informed on what s** is and p*** and other s*** like cuss words and that bull. Anyway, they just say cuss words and s*** as a joke but for me I'm dead serious sometimes when I say it. My friends one day at a sleepover found my phone and some how got into it and looked at my safari search history which, since I was pretty h**** there was p*** on it. They found it and I lied. But I think they know the truth. Also at the start of a break at my school I thought it would be funny on discord when my friend randomly brought up f****** masturbating to hump my bed on the face cam. I f***** up there. Tremendously. He ended up, 1. Recording it. 2. Adding a ton of random people on the call and 3. Sending it to a s*** ton of people he knows. So I f***** up. Eventually another kid kept bugging my "friend" to see the video and of course my "friend" showed it to him since he is a j******. The other kid went on my "friend's" phone and f****** sent it to f****** everyone he knew and since he knows a s*** ton of people he sent it to basically all of my grade. Which meant he sent it to my f****** crush. She found out and the thing was, she was starting to f****** like me. So f*** that kid he was a j******. Anyway fast forward a bit to now. I'm In 7th grade. My life is a mess. And I kinda wanna know your opinions on it. Damn and I thought Middle School was bad. Anyways, Dm me on discord Arc#8767

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  • Watch less p*** or no p***. Then you will stop looking at girls 100 percent of the time in a sexual manner.

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