Scared of hiding this any longer

For a long time I have been into spanking and wondering what it feels like I've been to afraid to ask one from my bf becuase he doesn't like how kinky I am as it is but he doesn't know how much I need to be spanked we play spank occasionally during s** but it isn't enough I was a real spanking where he gets to decide how long and how hard and what to use but I know I'll never get that..

Nov 7, 2018

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  • If I were you I'd find some reason to slap his face repeatedly. My
    wife did that to me in a fit of jealousy, and I warned her twice,
    but when she persisted I put her over my knees and spanked her
    long and hard. She screamed and yelled and fought against me,
    especially when I lowered har pants and spanked her bare bottom,
    but I continued until she lay sobbing and subdued. Afterwards we
    cuddled and made love, and she admitted that she had deserved the
    spanking and she felt much better and respected me for not letting
    her get away with hitting me. So it was not the last spanking she
    got, but only when she totally deserved it, because she did not like
    to be spanked, only the afters. So try that on him, and I wish you
    good luck.

  • I would love to spank you and our eldest daughter grinds herself on me when im spanking her...

  • How old is she?

  • Eleven years old..

  • I can give you a really really red bum if you allow me

  • I can as well

  • I regret to this day ever telling my wife now separated about any of my kinks. She did not understand and further more considered I was broken and had to be fixed.

    On the other hand, on the receiving end, I wanted to be caned or whipped on my bum. I wanted to be tied down so I wouldn't chicken out. I wanted to be able to scream and cry without the person doing the whipping stopping.

    But hey that's just me.

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