My husband and I got married in our early 20's, Two months before getting married we had a...Half a**** threesome with my best friend. I say half because we didn't get past him between my friends b****, Can't really blame him, She is good looking, has huge b**** and had a great body back then.
Regardless I kind of always wondered what would have been if he'd had more...Stamina, I would have considered a round two but between her getting upset about getting some of it on her face, nerves, lack of experience and being sober (Worst mistake) we ended up just kind of awkwardly stopping the whole thing and she went home.
We never really did much before that, We got pregnant shortly after being married and I have never really been proud enough of my body to show it off to another man, My husband raves about how great my body is (For a mom) but I know my...Chest is smaller and saggy. We almost did something almost five years ago while on holiday, My husband had been trying to talk me into going topless on the beach but I wouldn't do it in front of family so when I knew they had all gone on a tour and our kids had gone with my parents I talked my husband into staying behind and after fighting off my embarrassment I took off my top. My husband went to the bar for drinks and a guy walking down the beach stopped to talk to me, My heart was racing, I was so embarrassed, He was wearing sunglasses but I knew he was looking at my b****.
My husband returned and I introduced them, He graciously excused himself and walked away, My husband looked at my nipples which thank god they were hard because they look much better hard but he said "You interested in that?" nodding toward him as he looked back at us, He was young, Like maybe 20, Maybe not even, Nice looking, Nice build and I admit that I went up to the room later and put the shower head to work thinking about what could have been but at the moment I was embarrassed, Shy, Nervous and i told him no when he offered to let me "Do" him, He walked past me twice more before I put my top on and both times my husband whispered dirty things to me as he walked away and commented on how each time my nipples got hard.
We had one 'Incident" in the hot tub where his friend was over and I had maybe a few too many glasses of wine, I kissed him at my husbands urging and we ended up with me having my hand in his trunks and his hand in my top groping my small, saggy b****. I should have went for it but he made a comment, I stopped and asked what he meant and just that small break made the whole thing awkward and I couldn't get back into it.
The other night my friend was over and we hadn't seen each other for months, We live and hour apart and both lead busy lives, Very different but both busy, We were having wine and sitting on the couch talking, She got divorced about 8 years ago now (We are 40) and she never really did settle down with another guy, There were a few I thought were serious but never ended up being "It". We were discussing the shortage of available options and I almost peed myself laughing with some of the stuff she told me about some of the guys she dated and then she told me it had been almost a year and a half since she had "Been" with anyone.
We talked about growing up and people we don't talk to anymore (We grew up 3 doors from each other) and school and college and ex boyfriends and then I brought the night the three of us spent together, She said "Well, It was still better than my ONE other experience", She had never told me about it and as soon as she said it she turned red, I looked at her and said "OOhh??", It took some prying but the one guy she dated for a longer term was pushing for something and so apparently one night she agreed, Too much booze or whatever but she agreed anyway, They brought a friend of his home and started getting down, She said the whole thing was super hot and he was good looking but she had been on her hands and knees, Boyfriend in front of her, His friend from behind and they wanted to switch positions, She got on her back and her boyfriend was in her while his friend was by her face, She tried to suck him but he just kept slapping her face with his...Junk, She repeatedly told him to stop and she said he slapped her pretty hard in the lips with it which hurt and she said she freaked, Kicked her boyfriend off, Sat up and told his friend to get the "F" out and learn how to properly treat a woman.
We both laughed so hard our stomachs hurt, She asked if I had ever done anything but I had already told her everything and I circled back around to the night the three of us were together, She looked at me and said "Phwew, Probably a good thing, We were so dumb back then, I never took my pill when I was supposed to, We had no condoms, Nothing", We talked about it a bit more and she said "I will say, He is the biggest I have seen to date". My husband was out of town at the time but I had a flood of feelings of wanting to do it again, I don't know if it was the wine or true actually feelings of wanting to, I so badly wanted to tell her but I just kept talking and talking, I kept her talking about it and she kept talking as I tried to gauge her level of interest which I think is high but I couldn't blurt it out.
Finally we went to bed and I think I almost wore out my "Silicone substitute" that night, When my husband got home he asked how our visit was and I simply said "Good", So many years have gone by but could I even do a replay, Could we go there now and not ruin something in the process, Could I really let my husband f*** my best friend and not have any regrets because I would have to be absolutely positive that I would have no regrets coming out the other side, None, Ever and I can't guarantee that, I think I would love it but...for now it's just thoughts.

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  • Phew! That's was a long one! Perhaps join a swinging site? Have a threesome with a stranger, that way, if you don't like it, you never have to see them again. Unlike your friend...

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