Grand pa and the Chickens

I grew up on a farm in rural Alabama. It was my mom's family farm. My father had been killed in Vietnam when the helicopter he was piloting was hit by ground fire. He saved several injured men staying with it and ditching on the airbase tarmac. The impact broke his neck. So my mom pregnant with me loaded up her 66 Mustang convertible and drove us from the west coast in California to the farm in Jackson. I was born there and lived with my mom and grand pa and grand ma. They took care of us. It was fun growing up on the farm as a young kid. I was born the following year in 1967. I can remember the crops grand pa grew and the animals he raised. We had pigs, goats, a couple milk cows, two horses and lots of chickens and roosters. I like feeding them and riding the horses. We also had several barn cats and a couple dogs. I loved all the animals. Then when I was about eight years old something happened I will never forget. It was awful just retched.

It was summer time and I was playing with a cat that had given birth to baby kittens a few weeks before. So I was spending lots of time in the barn with them. I named them all and just adored them they were so cute. But one night in July all that was going to change. It was around 9:30 pm. My mom would let me stay up late during the summer when school was out. It was July 3rd and mom and grand ma were in the kitchen making pies for the annual July 4 th neighbors picknic and then we watched fireworks put on by our town. So I was having fun with the kittens in the barn. I heard the side barn door open but didn't pay any attention to it. Then after a few minutes I heard someone mumbling curse words and the chickens began to stir. Still ignored it but a few minutes later I recognized my grand pa's voice as he spoke to the chickens. Then I heard a chicken let out a blood curtaling scream/ squeal something I hadn't heard before. Well I decided to look out from behind the stall I was in and over the sides. There a few feet in front of me was grand pa. The man I loved with his coveralls down around his ankles and I watched in horror as he raped one of the chickens. It was horrible hearing that poor bird squealing and squaking for all it was worth. I watched him let go of one and grab another. Then a saw him put his penis into the bird and do it again. I counted them as I watched with my hand over my mouth as not to have him realize I was there. One, two, three. OMG! It was aweful. My innocense was over at the tender age of 8 years old. Then I watched as he pulled up his underwear and coveralls and walk back to the house. Well I was so scared by what I just witnessed. I was afraid for all the animals on the farm. Who could I tell. No one. Not my mom or grand ma. I tried to think what to do. Then a friend of mine had told me about something she say on televison about an anonamous letter to the editor in a news paper. So I couldn't do that but I did have a better idea. I wrote the letter to our local sheriff and he disliked my grand pa so I figured he would investigate. And about a week later I was feeding the animals when I saw his police cruiser coming down our dirt lane. I just kept feeding the animals. The sheriff he went up to grand pa and then I saw him speaking to him. Then the look on grand pa's face let me know he asked him about the letter. Grand pa started yelling and screaming at the sheriff. The sheriff let him but I could see him and his deputy busting a gut laughing themselves silly. The sheriff and the deputy left but grand pa was really shook up. It worked cause he stopped abusing the chickens. I think the sheriff must have known I sent him the letter. Many years later after he had retired and my grand pa died I saw the ex-lawman at a town fucntion. He asked me if I was the one who wrote the letter. I just said maybe , and maybe not. But he knew it was me. Thank God he never showed my grand pa the letter. Although we put it together from news print and magazine adds including a picture of a farmer in overalls and holding a chicken. The sheriff said he damn near pissed himself when he read it.

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