Just for My Heart

Before I enter a relationship or whenever my partner says they love me, I remember to write down a list of people my partner could possibly be attracted to and imagine them cheating on me several times. Just so it doesn't hurt that much if they ever really do. I guess this proves that I really have low self-esteem and that I doubt the other person's faith a lot, but my excuse is that it stems from a broken home and heart break.

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  • Lets see if I got this.. you inflict mental/emotional pain upon yourself just in case something goes wrong and there is mental/emotional pain.

    I think you ought to rethink this tactic.

  • Would you like to see your partner cheating on you?

  • This is an odd form of 'aversion therapy'. Some would call it paranoia, and you could risk pushing all potential partners away if you have trust issues. Get some therapy. Mental wounds should be treated like physical ones. Life is too short to be unhappy.

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