Secret panty obsession

I’m must confess that I love pretty panties
I have about 500 pairs in my drawer at home, I just love buying them and posing in them imagining I was a pretty girl with a tight v***** there’s so cute and comfortable gentleman YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING why should girls have all the fun it’s not like when you wear panties anyone’s gonna know unless they pull down your pants in public I wish that would happen to me!
I’m wearing pink lace panties while I’m writing this

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  • Im a boy ilovewearing girls pink panties there so cute ive lots of panties really girlly ones flowers on white ones cartoon pantes high school musical pantes lots of colours prett ones with flower prints on them

  • I have worn only panties for years now, far more comfortable

  • That’s cool you come to find out that the style selection is crazy it’s sad men’s underwear is in the Stone Age

  • It's so fun watching all the alleged panty collectors tryna one-up each other. When you're not straight up stealing each other's bullshit stories, anyway! lol

  • Yeah well, I have over a thousand pairs, and they're ALL from celebrities. I got pairs from J Lo, Courtney C**, Hilary Clinton, Alex Jones off of The One Show, some bint that was a dancer on Strictly, and my all time favourites.....a pair of Robbie Williams!

    How d'you like THEM apples, panty fans?!?

  • Jeez, I couldn't even write Courtney C** without being censored! It's not like I actually said c***.

    Oh dear

  • 500 pairs! ?
    I think wearing panties is not your problem. I think the quantity overboard totally extreme lack of self control and just being plain dumb

  • No, there’s just so many color and styles it just kinda built up like that h*** buy a few 8 packs and it becomes 100 easy

  • STFU

  • I love pink panties and I walk around with holes in the back of my pants no one says nothing😞 I’m a 14 year old boy

  • Im a boy i wear girls pink panties

  • Fake

  • Email me I show you how fake it is

  • I love boys wearing panties do you have pics?

  • Yes ou can see mine im a boy i wear panties my email is

  • Yes,

  • Do you want to see my panties

  • No chance on gmail only encrypted email


  • Do you want to see my panties i want u to see mine

  • Sent you a message

  • Do you to see my panties

  • Just made it

  • 🤔 This could be taken the wrong way depending whether your British or American, but the question is whether them holes are big enough to slip a hand inside 😈

  • No need just ask and I’ll pull them down

  • You ca get your hand in my pantie i wear little skirt you can pull them down

  • Pull my panties down

  • You can pull m panties down id love to pull mine down

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm yes please or let me take them off you

  • You can take of my panties please

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