I want to share/swap my wifes nudes

I confess that I have this feeling deep inside me of wanting to share/swap my wifes nudes and sexxy photos I take of her with another married man in return for his wifes nude and sexxy photos. I am very protective over my wife and if she ever found out that I felt like this and wanted to do anything like this I am sure she would want to divorce me and probebly kill me. The thought of another man seeing her body parts and telling me what he thinks of her or what he would do to her just drives me mad, sometimes I imagine her wearing a sexxy lingerie for a stranger with a big c*** while I sit in the corner of the sitting room, as she strips and teases the stranger , sucking him and the stranger f****** her emptying it all inside her and it all oozing dripping out of her p****. I cant take the risk of sharing her photos with just anybody as their is alot of men out there which would probebly save her photos and then share them online , and if she ever found out this was what I was doing behind her back she would definately divorce me and probebly want to kill me as she is nothing like this. I am willing to share/swap photos of my wife with another married man in the same situation with me that wants to keep it as a secret and between himself and me.

Nov 26, 2018

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  • I would love to swap my wifes nude pics with someone else.

  • Send me your wifes pics

  • Send me too darius363@gmail.com

  • I have thousands of photos of my wife in doors and outdoors would love to share over email . stephentilbury@msn.com

  • Just sent u pic of my gorgeous wife

  • Rquest@requesttechnology.com

  • Would luv to share wife pics panchi76@icloud. Com

  • I have lots of photos of my wife naked indoors and outdoors would love to swap photos with you

  • Iwhat to see my wife's p****

  • Love to swap, send to doisgatinhosbr@outlook.com and I'll also send mines :)

  • I would love to see your wife and can share anniewife@mail.com

  • Can send noe

  • Hot send

  • Annievoyeur1@gmail.com. Happy to share

  • I love swapping wife/gf pics, mines short and thick with big veiny t***, even have some from when she was pregnant

  • I’m here to share for all agskieskum18@gmail.com

  • I can share my young wifes DDs hollyplum176@gmail.com

  • Just sent u a pic of my gorgeous wife

  • Semd to mr

  • Feel free to send me some. I have some to trade azuraith4@gmail.com

  • I’m keen to trade with people on here wife is a babe:

  • Me too email me

  • I have uploaded photos and videos of our s** on internet. See for free at https://verystream.com/stream/9YnpNWoSfwn/vary_position_fuk_couple.mp4

  • Count me in. Can I see some??? mikeconstance4@gmail.com

  • I will share my wife pics for yours. Contact me mistermusicisme@aol.com

  • I wanted to do it but my wife was hesitant. I put our honeymoon album on top of our living table when my wife’s sister and her husband came to visit. He grabbed it and asked my wife to tell him the story. Little she knew I had put some private photos of her in lingerie and some topless. This forum is not for long stories so I’ll go straight to the end. For a 52 year old she is pretty attractive. He is 42. My wife’s sister is 38 and beautiful but way on the chubby side. My wife slept with him while my sister in law slept with me. We don’t do it all the time because we live in different states but we do it every time we get together once or twice a year.

  • Did you get to see your wife's creampie ?

  • I would be very willing to share mine with you. Please send me your email and i'll show you my wife nude. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • I think we feel the opposite about our wife’s nudes.

    I have an intense fantasy to send someone online nudes of my wife, that also show her face, and tell him to expose her and do whatever he wants with them. The anxiety caused by the risk would make this very exciting. The more risky the exposer makes things, the more nudes I’ll send. Of course, none of this would happen without my wife’s permission.

  • I'll share what's your email

  • I love this..... great idea! anniewife@mail.com

  • Billbuchanan1955@gmail.com

  • Send me some

  • My wife is an older (69) year old big woman and I’d love to swapnpics with you if interested. I have hundreds of pics of her in various states of undress and naked. No face though. Wingding46@gmail.com

  • Send em attyrswhim@gmail.com

  • I love sharing my wife let's swap lacy632@gmail.com

  • Did you receive any....happy to swap pics

  • I would definitely be willing to do this. I have a ton of pictures of my naked wife and she doesn’t know I have most of them. She has allowed me to take pictures before but she thinks I have deleted them.

  • Sorry , It’s Sjohnson00@live.com
    Not sure why the period went in there.

  • I have a few pictures to swap someone wrmbethelrd79@icloud.com

  • You’re going to find it very difficult resting the temptation of sending your wife’s nudes to an online bull.

  • I am in the exact same boat. My wife would want to kill me for sure. I have shared some pics of her in the past with trusted guys and it was a huge thrill. There are a few ways to sort of live out the fantasy even if you know you'll never get to see her with another guy for real. Let me know if you wanna chat everynameistaken27@gmail.com

  • This is just like me. I get such a thrill out of sharing my wife online
    Please email me at

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