I ruined my friends marriage, I sent some compromising photos of myself to my friend, His wife found them and they're now filled for divorce.
I feel horrible inside, and I cant take anything back. I wish i could. I would give up a month of my life just to take back what i did. I never should of flirted with him or agreed to sending him photos.
I'm so sorry.

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  • Your friend is the one to blame, not you. He was messing around on his wife to some degree, anyway. He wanted you to send photos. And worst of all, he didn't take the steps to make sure they didn't fall into his wife's hands. He blew it, not you.

    Also, don't send ANYONE naked photos of yourself. Bad things happen more often than not. Now, if you could describe the photos it would be greatly appreciated.

  • lmao!!!!!

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