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Let me know what u think please/ I am happily married to a wonderful lady. I am 13 years older than her. she was living at home when we married. she had no idea of the effect she had on men. she's 40D with big nipples. and a tiny small ass. she worked for awhile after we married, but i started making enough for her to stay at home which was great. got her into s** and found out she is very sub, she fights it but ...... did all the things. flashing, caming, chatting all that. I loved to take erotic photos of her and would share them online. when the 19 hit i was laid off. i m sure its going to be permeant. money got tight really fast. i wont get into all l the details but this guys says i love her photos id have paid for them. that lead to her posing nude for him then some of his rich friends to help make ends meet. at first it was super hot and put us over the hump. there are about 8 men who see her. but now they are starting to make her have s** with them and even their friends. they really step up the pay when this happens and they seem to like that she doesn't want to do it. its getting more demanding. recently one guy demanded he get to take photos of her with a black man. now he has posted them online, but did not use her name. the commits other men posted online made me so hot but are so very nasty. call her a black c*** w****. wanting to meet with her and more. the last man wanted me to be there and made her and me too beg him to take her. telling me what a s*** i was married too and making me say it. she was about to cry and that made him even hotter. yes all this turns me on, but can we keep living like this?

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