Words a Wife Should Never Tell Her Husband

I thought when my wife told me, "I love you, but I am not in love with you," was the kiss of death. Apparently I was wrong. This evening she told me that she has never been in love with me. We have been married almost nine years.

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  • I would start another relationship and keep it hush hush as soon as possible.
    I would also leave as soon as possible.No need in hanging around with someone who doesn’t have any feelings for you.

  • Sorry to say but I know exactly how your wife feels. I married my wife because she was pregnant . I wasn't in love with her nor did I even love her, I married her simply because she was going to have our child . We have been married 20 years . I can't wait for my son to graduate from college so I can divorce her.

  • Start investigating what ever you can find out, text, emails, phone bill for calls to the same number. Set up a camera with sound in your house. If you do find she is having an affair do not confront or reveal you know. See an Atty for legal strategy, protect your bank accounts and credit cards. Then you file. Sorry dude but this is over. Sometimes we are the last to know. Once again protect your finances otherwise not only did you lose your wife you will get cleaned out. Females always think they are owed all they can milk out of a guy. As one astute Atty said he has never seen a woman that thought she got to much.

  • Weird how she hated me and I love her even after she spent years ignoring me and making me lonly

  • Exactly my situation.

  • If there was any chance of a reconciliation with your wife, would you take it?

  • For a little while longer, but not much more. Like the person who responded after you said, I loved her, but she spent years ignoring me and not caring for me - very lonely indeed.

  • Sometimes speaking to stranger is easier to get things out in the open?

  • Sometimes. Speaking to a stranger doesn’t require any feedback, but helps with processing the emotions so they don’t fester inside and become volatile.

  • If there was any chance of a reconciliation would you take it?

  • There’s probably a good chance she’s been messing around for who knows how long too.

  • That's a classic sign of an affair

  • There is a sweet woman somewhere waiting for you, go find her

  • I am giving her a little more time to start to turn around. We start counseling on New Year’s Eve. I don’t expect much, but I tried everything to make it work. Don’t ever know if i’ll Get married again, but hope to catch up on all the s** that I missed over the years.

  • Sorry to hear. Mine too. After 25 years. She not only says she never loved me but now she doesn't even like me.

  • She is just playing around may be p***** by you

  • I don't think she does either. Simply because in my opinion, you never hurt the one's you love. Some people say the opposite, that it's the one's you love, you hurt, but I don't believe that.

    Sorry for your heartbreak. I won't disrespect your wife, like some people would, having read your confession. However, I believe it's time foe you to move on and find someone that will truly love you. I make it seem simple enough, by just stating these words. But I'm aware it is harder to do in reality. 9 years is a long time to be married and I'm assuming, you were together for a few years before getting married aswell, were you? I guess that's irrelevant now, because it doesn't change your current predicament.

    Good luck

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