I got caught

I stayed over at a friends place last weekend, we were sleeping downstairs and she was on the floor and I was on the couch, I was laying there after she fell asleep and once I was sure she was asleep i decided to have a little "Solo" session, Ok so "Solo" is all I've done so far but still that's what I was gonna do.
I checked to make sure she was asleep and got going, I had my pants around my ankles, Ankles crossed, Top off, Knees spread and was rubbing, I didn't even notice her sister walk up to the couch, She leaned over the back of it and giggled. I just froze...Totally, Completely froze, I was so close and already starting to shake but she stopped me right dead in my tracks, She looked at me, Giggled then whispered "Oh my god...You dirty little s***". My friends sister is the hottest girl in school, By far, Like everyone wants to be her and she can have any guy she wants so I was totally embarrassed to be naked in front of her just because she is so beautiful but she looked down at me and I just wanted to cry, She looked, Bit her bottom lip, Grabbed my nip of my left breast pulling it a bit then let it go when I winced and whispered "You have beautiful t***" and walked away leaving me there, Legs spread, half h****, Half freaked out and completely confused.
I never did finish, I got covered up and put my clothes on laying there trying not to cry but eventually fell asleep, Next morning I woke up to her sitting beside me on the couch, I freaked a bit and looked around, She said her sister was upstairs and said "Hey...I want to apologize for last night, I should have asked first", I said "Oh god, No...I am the one who is sorry, That was so stupid", She laughed and we talked for a minute or so then she told me that the basement couch had seen more action than any other piece of furniture in the house and not to worry about it.
She hugged me and said "We ok", I nodded and she leaned in giving me a little kiss on the lips, She looked down at my b**** then pulled my top open and looked down it saying "Damn...If you ever...You know...Just say so". I couldn't even speak and she just kissed me again and left, I had no idea she was...that way, I just assumed she was into guys but holy crap, I am going to be so nervous around her now.


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  • I wanna supersive a girls slumber party...

  • Girl ignore the pedaphiles on here. You should flirt with her. Have some fun. If you let your nerves prevent you from touching her you will regret it the rest of your life. I know personally.

  • Your a naughtie naugthtie girl. I wish coul have being there...

  • Your age.

  • I wish i would have caught you and f***** you right in your ass as you are a bad bad girl

  • Im 13

  • My my that means you are so tight ,so drilling would be so much pleasure

  • You pedos stalk all kids don’t you. Lmao. F****** creeps

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