I want a young girl to marry and start a family

Since about 15 all I've really wanted out of life is that special someone, who gets me, who I can cuddle with and talk to for hours. I've always longed to be that happy husband and father.
I'm now in my 30s. Yet to meet anyone I can tolerate longer than about a month. Either she changes and starts treating me like I'm disposable, or (in rare cases) I lose interest. Usually they just move on to some other guy.
I know it's complicated, but I'm still stuck in an earlier mindset. I'm not interested in most women my own age, as most I've met already have kids, committed relationships, and jaded negative views of the world. My clock is ticking. I still want to be able to have children, my own children, and raise them with my wife. I want to be able to give my parents grandchildren, and at the same rate, not be that guy who has to move back home to his parents basement with kids he only gets to see sometimes. (as is the case with most people in the area where I live.....meth is bad).
At this point, it would be practical if she were in her early 20s maybe? But the way our shallow Western society is today, she would likely lose interest in a couple years.
Is there any hope? Anywhere? I would consider relocating if I knew of a place to meet someone who is on the same page I am.

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  • Try joining the Church of the Latterday Saints and relocating to Utah.

  • If you have problems with women "changing" on you then you should stay away from women in their early 20s; they change quite a lot in those early 20s.

  • All are f***** golddiggers

  • Nope no hope

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