Housesitting Confession

When I was 16 I found a family on facebook wanting me to housesit for them. They were away for two months and trusted me to look after their home and dogs, especially when I told them the peace and quiet would aid my studies. what really ended up happening? I cooked weed brownies in their oven, tripped acid, lost my virginity in their spare bed, had a threesome, had an orgy and had multiple parties. (legal age in my country is 16) I go back to the house often to babysit and it creeps me out knowing the children will grow up in this house that i have so many odd memories in

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  • Your a total absolute loser. Your the bottom of scum and I can see you getting worse when you get older.

  • I made that mistake once. I paid a friends 17 yr old daughter to house sit over a weekend and care for our new puppy. When we returned we found she had a major party, trashed the house with half effort to clean up, cops were called for a brawl that was in the driveway. Puppy was tossed outside in the drizzling cold rain. Simply a worthless generation.

  • Did you sue for breach of contract ?

  • Yawn

  • You are biggest criminal in the world

  • LOL! Nice. Cherish those memories.

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