I was fired for riding a scooter and I was a good worker

It's been three months since I was fired at a restaurant that I was working for a year and six months. It was slow at work, so I had nothing to do and I decided to go outside and I see some of my co-workers riding a scooter and I rode on one and it was fun. And then, one of my managers saw us and I was trying my very best to hide from her, but little did I know, she saw me and my guess is that she ratted on me and got me fired. Afterwards, I thought nothing of it. About a week later, I was checking my schedule to see which days I had to work and it was blank except for Wednesday when they said that it was a talk with the general manager. On that day, I felt nervous that something awful was gonna happen and I was trying to think of a way to get them to keep my job and I was a excellent worker. I showed up on time, did my work, never bothered anyone, and received compliments of my work. And that's when the general manager and I went upstairs and told what I didn't want him to say, that I was on a scooter during my shift. I tried to tell him that it was slow and there was practically no one in the restaurant and he told me that this was the third time that they had to talk to me about what I was doing wrong. So he gave me my last paycheck in cash and I walked away. Now I wish I'd beat the s**t out him and the other manager for firing me because despite of that, I was a great worker and that the whole thing was bulls**t. I know that if I'd punched him, I probably would be in trouble, but it would've been worth it because my first general manager was ten times better than him. So that's all I had to say. All I'm asking is what should I do about it?

Dec 6, 2018

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  • You were written up 3 x... that doesn't equal a great worker. How many chances do you think you are owed? Beating someone up because you f***** up would have made your situation a whole lot worse. You probably would have wound up in jail with an assault charge to contend with. If you were on a break and went on the scooter, that's one thing. But doesn't sound like you were. Just because work is slow, does not mean it's time to play. Take it as a learning experience and find a new job and move on.

  • Just move on with life. You told your side of the story, odds are and they have a different side as well that they fired you for.

  • Move on. The scooter is their excuse and yours too. It's never one thing. You need to get over it though. Going through life wishing you'd done something different will eat away at you.

  • Sooo, you're the little p**** that scratched the side of my car in the parking lot. The authorities have been notified.

  • People get fired for bullsh!t reasons all the time. Yours is not one of them. It's good that you were a good worker, but in a manager's eyes that's a baseline expectation. And anything you do to stand out that makes them sad for any reason is going to be grounds to get rid of you, especially if you have a record of it. Grow up, find another job and move forward.

  • Grow up

  • Find another job and move forward

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