Subway guy

I have never told anyone about this experience. When I was 20 I used to take the train from Maryland to DC a lot. There was this guy that was always on the train going to work he was about 60. After a week of seeing him he started talking to me and one day ended inviting me to his house. I knew what he was doing but played dumb and a few days later I went to his house. What I did not expect is with in 5 minutes of entering his house he kissed me and started undressing me before I knew it I was on my knees for the first time and soon in his bed for hours the awkward had passed and I ended up having a lot of fun and keep this 2 times a week for the 6 months or so.

Feb 12

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  • Knock it off Mom!!

  • Im so jealous

  • Omg that happened to me in a differant sort of way. I used to walk my dog at a park and met this guy walking his dog,we became friends and he invited me to his house. We had a couple beers then he said he wanted to change into something more comfortable. He came out wearing what I at first thought was women's panties. He obviously had an erection and handed me a pair that looked like his and asked or i should say told me to change. I became frightened but did what he asked. I always thought of myself as straight but curious and he saw i had an erection he kissed me and I fainted.
    My passing out seemed to turn him on even more and when i came to I gave him a b*******. We met many times after that

  • It ended up being a lot of fun and glad I did not chicken out.

  • Wish we could get together

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