Looking for a relationship

I'm a guy that lives in Tn. and right
now I'm kind of having a bad time
with all of the abuse I have been
suffering from lately, I won't get
into details but I'm 35, White, Black hair, Brown eyes, about maybe 5
feet tall, I'll admit to you that I may
not have much personality but I
think we could be very compatible.

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  • Wow, with game like that, how come you're not drowning in panties?

  • F@!# whoever said"Quit Crying and
    Begging" Son of a B#tch. F#ck you

  • No, Yours touched mе and I did her
    And ate her. Not wonder why she's
    Still missing.

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  • Better check your tongue. I hear she got crabs from the neighbor guy. So more than likely your s*** will be all crusty now.
    You want a say hi to your mom though? I'm about to f*** her in the ass.

  • Ohhh did your mommy touch you in your special place? No b****!!!! L****!!

  • No, He'll find her again. She got away
    once but they'll meet again. I know it.

  • Don't f!#"in' worry about it, she'll be
    back to him in a matter of weeks. It's
    true.🇩🇪 🌹

  • Well I can see why you don't have a girlfriend. No b****, ya p****. Quit crying on the internet begging for p**** and go get a b**** at the local bar like every other man has done.

  • I'm a guy and here's my take on life. Maybe it will help you and maybe not.

    This is kind of because you say "I'll admit to you that I may
    not have much personality but..."

    I would like to encourage you.

    I look at my life and there have been times, its kind of like a wave, when I have felt hopeless. Like there was something wrong with me. Why could I not get a girl friend and more recently why did my wife leave me. I was down on my self thinking I have a crap personality.

    Then I realise that I'm not all that bad. I'm no super hero. I'm pretty average. I get a bit over sensitive. But I realise on reflection I am OK. Some blame to a degree that the more I moved out of the head space of what the f*** is so wrong with me that my wife left me. I started to think well she has fixated on a couple of things she does not like about me and that just is her problem.

  • Who are you ?

  • Here's my thought. Not all women
    are wh#!:-!. Maybe it's a thought that
    because a certain majority of the
    female population may be that they
    all are, It's just not true. They're all
    not some promiscuous woman who's
    out every night of the week, really. So
    maybe anyone shouldn't call them a
    wh!#@ because they're all not the
    same really it's true I too have had the
    thought that they all are, but really
    they can't all be alike can they.?

  • You forgot to mention your account balance in order to lure a wh ore

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