All is Lost

Abandon all Hope, All is Lost!

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  • What did Hope do to deserve being abandoned?

  • Roger that.


  • Loser

  • Don't worry there will always be your s***

  • Metoo

  • That was a clever move - diverting attention from the original post.

  • Never had an intention to do that. Problem is every f****** moron is looking 4 attention here

  • Preach

  • Metoo is a joke. Full of nothing but men hating feminist who will stop at nothing until every man is locked up. They lie and make up s*** about every man they meet and expect everyone to believe their cries when they have zero proof. Dr Ford was the biggest liar of them all. Couldn't remember one f****** detail about her claim but wanted everyone to feel sorry for her. F*** that, I see right through your bullshit you nasty b****. And all the rest of you b****** claiming bullshit, I see through yours too.

    And before some a****** decides to get nasty with me about my comment. You best know that I'm a woman. I also never used to feel this way about metoo when it was legitimate, but these nast b****** have overshadowed the real victims and silenced their voices by pushing them out. Everyone of them b****** need to burn in h***.

  • You're pretty unbalanced, even for a woman. Are you the "she" some paranoid poster is whining about?

  • No, I'm p***** because these b****** are silencing my voice. You wouldn't understand because you've never been raped. B****** up there crying because their boss propositioned them for a promotion. B****, try working mandatory overtime only to come out to a dead battery in your car, so your boss asks if you need a ride home and the m*********** stops along the way and proceeds to rape you. I'm talking full out shut the f*** up or I will kill you rape. I laid there terrified as my boss had his way with me. His nasty ass touching me, his nasty ass sweet dripping on me, his nasty ass dog breath breathing on me. The sound of his nasty breathing that will never get out of my head. Or the shower after shower after shower I took when I got home trying to scrub his nasty stench off me. Scrubbing myself until I was literally raw. Or how I quit my job that night cause I couldn't stand to ever see that monster ever again, yet I have nightmares where I relive the events of that horrible night. Those b****** at least had a choice to except or decline. I wasn't given that choice. So when a metoo victim tells me they were propositioned by their boss at work, I just shake my head at their f****** joke ass.

  • Hi, hon. Me, I *have* been raped, twice. I have also gotten let go from jobs because I wouldn't put out-- no rape involved. I have ALSO witnessed women coyly using their assets to get ahead. So yeah, the whole taco, so to speak.

    Getting more than a little tired of your chip-on-shoulder textwalls around here. I am genuinely sorry you endured the trauma you did, but sorry love, it's really not all that exceptional. How about accepting that instead of letting your psychosis blind you to realities other than your own? Can you put on your big-girl panties and take a good hard run at that? I know you can!

  • As this is labelled as a Religious confession, I understand your dilemma, or rather delusion.

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