WTF Just Happened

I am a 19 year old guy. I have been mowing yards for several years and one of those yards belongs to a woman that is friends with my mom. Well about 2 weeks ago we had one h*** of a storm. It was snowing and raining and the wind was blowing like I ain't never seen before. This woman who I normally mow for and is friends with my mom called to say a tree branch had busted through the window in her living room and she needes help. I grabbed my chainsaw and some plywood and threw them in the back of my truck and headed over. Me and my moms friend spent a couple hours outside trying to cut out the branch and boarding up the window. By the time we were done and back inside. I was cold and wet and so was she. We were so covered with mud that I didn't want to step inside her house from the mudroom. I told her I was just going to leave but she insisted that I stay because the weather had gotten even worse and my mother probably would want the mess in her house. Ironically her washer and dryer are in the mudroom. So she asked if I was comfortable with stripping off my clothes and putting them directly in the washer. Jokingly I said I was fine if she stripped. I was shocked when she responded with telling me to turn around and we would both strip. So I stripped off all my clothes including my boxers. When I turned around she was still in her bra and panties. Then she turned around and gasped when she saw me naked. After a few more crazy moments she finally took her bra and panties off. I couldn't believe how beautiful she is. She's only 13 years older than me and she has a beautiful body. We both headed for the shower but her intentions were to just turn on the shower for me but I convinced her to get in and wash my back. Before long she was rubbing my d*** with soap. Yes I was hard as a f****** rock. I ended up bending her over in the shower and f****** her. After we got out of the shower I called my mom to let her I know I was going to stay until morning. She agreed that was a good idea because of the storm. Then I spent the rest of the night in bed with her friend. We had s** 3 more times that night. We haven't hooked up since that night but we did talk about it and she told me I could never tell anyone. I have to tell someone so I googled confession web sites and found this one. Man it feels good to tell someone about what happened. I must be the luckiest guy alive.

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  • Awesome!

  • Good job. Sounds hot.

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