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So there is this girl, Jasmine that I am interested in, Have been for a while and now she is all I think about, Since this past weekend she is the only thought on my mind and you would think after the night we had I would have completely blocked her from any contact but now I just want her more.
I and two friends were over at my buddy Jeremy's place and his girlfriend Becks had brought her friend Jasmine over, I know her a little and have always had a bit of interest in her but she seems to always have more than one guy chasing after her. She is short, Brunette, slim built with not big but not small b00bies and a perfect a$$. We were all just kind of hanging out drinking, doing other stuff and playing video games when Jasmine started kind of getting a bit more friendly than usual, She was sitting beside me talking and giggling and smiling at me, I think she had maybe done a bit more stuff than usual and was feeling pretty reckless.
I got up to go to the bathroom and she met me in the hallway when I came out, She kissed me and it was perfect, Her soft, Pink lips and her beautiful eyes, Her freckles, and her cleavage had me going crazy, I pulled her close and cupped her perfect bum then went to pull her skirt up and she stopped me whispering that she was commando which made me almost dump my load right there but she puled away and went into the bathroom, I went back to the living room and when she came back she sat beside me and we continued getting a bit more wasted. Jeremy and Becks were sitting across from us and Danny was sitting at the opposite end of the couch from me with Jasmine between us.
Becks and Jeremy were making out and I could tell Danny was thinking about putting the moves on Jasmine so I went first before he could, She looked at me to say something and I kissed her, Becks noticed and said "Hey...There ya go" and everyone kind of watched as we had a long kiss then everyone laughed as we broke it off and sat back. There was a little bit of leg rubbing and light touching for a while and then Jeremy and Becks got up and headed to the bedroom. Becks is a sexy little redhead, Very cute, freckly and slim with small b****, I have never seen her without her clothes on but lots in underwear or a bathing suit and she looks good.
Me and Jasmine started making out and she slid her hand down grabbing my package through my jeans, I was trying to motion to Danny to bail out and leave us alone but I looked at him and he looked at me and he was just about to leave when Jasmine slid down and as she did her skirt rode up and Danny seen she was commando so he actually seen her...Vag before I did. His eyes got wide and then he looked at me and tilted his head to the side raising his eyebrows. Right in front of him she slid my zipper down and undid the button so I lifted my hips and slid my pants and underwear to my knees and she slid them to my ankles, She laid on her side and started sucking me, Danny spread her legs which she had across his lap and I could see that she was shaved bald.
I was slouching back with my dream girl sucking me but Danny was playing with her vag and rubbing her tiny little cl!t and fingering her, She was breathing heavy and going nice and slow sliding up and down on me when Becks walked in, Jasmine had a mouthful and her legs spread wide, Becks was wearing just a towel and stopped in her tracks staring right at Jasmine's vag then moved around the side where Jasmine noticed her, Jasmine never freaked like I expected but stopped sucking, Looked at Becks while stroking me and said "Uhhhh...Hi", Becks raised her eyebrows and said "Wow...Uhhh...Hi" then pointed to the side of the couch and said "I need...Uhhh...I need that bag", I awkwardly grabbed the bag and a box of rubbers fell out as I handed it to Becks, She was staring right at my d!ck and then Jeremy poked his head around the corner and said "Whoa...Hello" and stepped into the living room with his d!ck out, Becks said "Whoa, Hey" and went to push him back into the hallway but he sat on the other couch and Becks just stared at him, He pulled her onto his lap and she kept shaking her head no but he got her towel open and pulled her hand down grabbing his d!ck.
Becks was pretty nervous trying to cover herself but Jeremy kept pulling her hands away and I could see her body, Small little kind of saggy b**** with light pink n!ps, Pale, Freckly skin and a thin racing stripe of reddish hair on her little, Pink pu$$y. She was so nervous but Jeremy kept working her to stroke him and spread her legs to where we could see her, Jasmine sat up between me and Danny and spread her legs, We got her top off and she has nice b****, Soft and hang a bit but her n!ps are a bit bigger than Becks and darker with bumps around them, We switched Jasmine around and she was sucking Danny as I shoved my d!ck in her from behind, She is perfect, No big pi$$ flaps, Bald, Soft, Tight and a nice, Pink little bu++ hole that she panicked when I pressed my thumb against it, She arched her back and said "Aaakkk, No, No, No" and slapped my hand away.
Me and Danny were tagging Jasmine and Becks was riding Jeremy while they watched us, and Danny pulled out of Jasmine's mouth, Walked up to Becks and started grabbing her b****, Becks looked at Jeremy and he nodded so she leaned forward and started sucking Danny. Jasmine rolled onto her back and spread her legs, I was pounding her and watching Becks get tagged when Jeremy lifted her off his lap and stood up, He laid her down and Danny started banging Becks as Jeremy Put one knee on the couch beside Jasmines head and she tilted her head back letting him shove his d!ck in her mouth. After a couple minutes Jeremy came and Jasmine swallowed, Danny pulled out and came on Becks which she wiped off then she came over and started making out with Jasmine as I pounded her.
I wasn't going to be the only one to not nail both of them so I got backs on top of Jasmine and as they kissed I pulled out of Jasmine and slid my d!ck in becks from behind, Jasmine slid up so her pu$$y was right under Becks's face, Jeremy grabbed Becks by the hair and pushed her face down, Becks moaned as I shoved all the way in her and then opened her mouth and started going down on Jasmine, We were all watching Becks licking her first pu$$y and Jasmine having her pu$$y licked by a girl for the first time. Jeremy had his arms under Jasmines arms holding her up and leaning over lifting her t!ts and sucking her n!ps, Danny was holding Becks red hair back so we could watch her lick Jasmine's pretty little pu$$y, Becks started to arch her back and flopped her head down on Jasmines stomach, Jasmine pulled Becks's hair, Danny pulled her n!ps and I pounded her while rubbing her bu++ hole with my thumb and she started screaming, Becks came squirting everywhere, She was coming so hard that she was dripping all over my legs, Her legs, The couch, everywhere and shaking uncontrollably.
She was groaning and having "Aftershocks" but was crying at the same time, She ran her fingers through her beautiful red hair and pulled her own hair as she tensed up and shook then relaxed then tensed up and shook again 3-4 times before whining "Please stop f****** me, I can't take anymore", I pulled out and Jasmine tackled me onto the floor, She got on top and rode me while Becks curled up on the couch and Danny and Jeremy stood on either side groping her b**** and a$$, Jeremy grabbed her head and shoved his d!ck in her mouth hard as he came then before she could catch her breath Danny grabbed her and did the same, I laid her on her back and pounded her hard than asked her where she wanted me to finish and she looked me right in the eyes and said "C0me inside me and make me yours" so I did as she asked.
We all kind of curled up together under a big blanket and there were hands all over the place, I did Becks from behind once more while she laid half on top of Danny jerking him and Jeremy did Jasmine while we all watched each other, Before I finished I pulled out of Becks, Jeremy pulled out of Jasmine and we switched, I held Jasmine tight and her and Becks kissed while me and Jeremy came inside them with Danny's d!ck between their lips as they kissed then Danny came in Becks's mouth and we all got dressed before Becks and Jasmine left, Becks was visibly upset about what had happened and Jeremy told me yesterday that she told him she feels slu++y and used but me and Jasmine talked yesterday and are going to get together tomorrow.
Jasmine is so beautiful and I only want more of her everytime I think about her.

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  • Consider yourself lucky my young friend. There are many females I wish I could have at least seen them naked must less bang. Hopefully something like this happens again. Good to see everyone enjoying each other. Tell Beck she will experience this sometime in her life... if it’s College or when she’s married. Better to get it on her bucket list now than later

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