Why I want to be a little girl!

I went to live with my uncle after my parents divorced when I was around 13, we had lots fun for a couple weeks then he came to me and told me that life was a burden and explained I needed to help and and do some chores and other things I agreed and cleaned up the house, washed the dishes and cut the grass on top of going to school and junk one night I woke up in my bed with his hand fondling my testicles I was like what are you doing he said your gonna also be my little princess and behave like one or you can find somewhere else to live. He slapped my behind really hard and left I cried because I did not know what that meant I was thinking in my head I had to go back to my father (no chance he was a drunk) a few day went by my uncle came into my room he said honey remember what we talked about I said yes, that night he made me suck his d***, I felt so dirty the next day I came home from school he said he was sorry he wasn’t treating me like a princess and he said he was going to fix it I waked into my room and my room was different there were dolls and horsies on the bed and pink panties and socks in the drawers he leaned over my shoulder and said when your home your my little girl and I expect you to behave like it little missy or I’ll take you over my knee and paddle your behind till it matches them pretty pink panties, so I became his little pumpkin (yes I did fight it and gave up) he would come into my room every Wednesday night and I would suck his d*** and then he would pound my a****** all night long, the crazy thing is after a few months I kinda started enjoying it I remember us watching a movie then I leaned over the couch and kissed him he just looked at me and said have you been a naughty little girl I meekly said yes while rubbing his chest next thing I know I was being carried up the stairs over his shoulder with my butt getting smacked, I was placed on the bed being kissed and undressed my panties where yanked down as he fondled me his hands were warm and rough he held my legs up and flicked my nuts ow ow! I cried he began by forcing his c*** down my mouth pressing his weight down on me his donkey b**** smearing my eyes (I was being f***** with my head hanging off the bed his p**** in my mouth)
After 20 minutes he unleashed in my mouth I drank it all another 20 minutes he nutted in my mouth again this time it was a lot we both got up quickly and I piled up some pillows and bent over it with my butt in the air he grabbed me by my hips and shoved his c*** right into my would be v*****(a******) I could feel all the little veins and lumps tearing thur my rear end this is my uncle making me his princess b**** but wait I’m a boy and he’s doing things to me bad things, things a man should not do he was touching me in places a man should not touch and but that doesn’t matter anymore because now I’m a girl, a little princess, his b**** slapped against mine he rolled me over and pounded me missionary style I just closed my eyes as my a****** began to be sore I was rolled over on my tummy as he went faster I squealed out as he nutted in me again I just laid there moaning and crying (happy cry)
My a****** was destroyed my mouth was hurting my uncle wiped my down and slipped my panties pjs back on kissed me and we began to fall asleep
Me being a boy? Let me check nope That’s long gone


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  • That is a very precious story....

  • I'll be the uncle for sure, but no boys dressed like girls. Just girls.. no rules, ownership. 👩‍👧

  • Can I be your uncle I love boys dressed as little girls?

  • So do I !!!! I'm a 63 year old gardener for a wealthy family and last summer I went into the house to get a drink of water on this hot day and while I was in the kitchen I heard some movement in the lounge, I thought everyone was out so I went to look and what greeted me made my heart flip. There was Jeremy their thirteen year old son dressed as a woman. He was obviously shocked at being discovered and begged me not to tell. I walked over to him and assured him it would be alright and that I liked to see him dressed like that. I moved closer, he did not move away, I took hold of him and kissed him and told him I was fond of him. He kissed me back, we cuddled and I let my hand wander down to his xxxx and it was stiff. I told him to sit on the sofa, I moved in close and lifted his xxxx from inside his panties, lowered my mouth over it and sucked. He loved it, his xxxx was small and very erect, I undid my trousers and pulled them and my boxers down, took his head and pushed his mouth onto my xxxx. I spurted my seed into his mouth he nearly choked but didn't object. We have now begun a full blown affair.

  • Whether this is true or a fantasy, it aptly demonstrates that the cause of such desires and emergent sexuality is abuse rather than choice, and more often than not associated with a broken home where the parent s split and a child's need to be loved are cruelly exploited by the new 'carer' in whom they place their trust and love.

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