I can't help sniffing girls dirty pantys

It all began when I was young. I seen a pair of my babysitters pantys on the floor in the bathroom. I was thinking what would be like to smell them. I put them up to my nose and sniffed them. That first smell made me get hard. The smell was amzing and I could not help myself. I put them in my pocket. The nexted day I was over there again and I put the first one back. My babysitter told me she was jumping in to take shower. I walked in there right after her. I seen these lil blue pantys and they had this sticky c** in them. I sat down and sniffed them and licked out all that warm girl c**. I was 13 at the time and she was 17. I ran into her 5 years later and she asked me to come up and chat with her. I went up to her apt and we caught up. I asked her if I could use her bathroom. I seen there was a pair of pink thongs and I picked up and sniffed them. She walked in on me sniffing her pink thong. She yelled at me. What are you doing with my dirty pantys. I walked out and right when I get to the front door, I turn and told her I have been sniffing your and many more girls pantys for years. She asked me why her pantys. I told her, your pantys smell so good that you make me hard. She lol for a sec and seen in my eyes that I love to get off with her pantys. We sit there for a min, she looks at me and asked do you mind if I sit on your face with my wet pantys and help you get off. We have been doing this for the last 6 months. She will call me and ask me to come sniff and lick her pantys. She gave me a key to her place and I will go and take pics of me sniffing and playing and send them to her and she will get off on it. She knows I sniff all girls pantys too. We went to her sis house and she told me about her sister dirty pantys in the bathroom. She told me that they smell great and she gets turned on by it too.

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  • Haha ,sure... " do you mind if I sit on your face with my wet panties?"


  • Bullshit

  • I have sniffed and tasted and jacked off in both of my sister in law's dirty panties and my mother in law's dirty panties and my aunt's dirty panties love it

  • My friends daughters are awesome

  • Sounds amazing. I too love smelling panties.

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