Im a person who suffers from depression, my parents dont noe coz they are busy with their life and being up themselves, i am not the only child. i have everything i want but they are only things, i buy things to make my self happy coz other people cant buy, but that happiness doesnt last very long.

everyone tells me im beautiful, but i dont see it, i dont wanna disrespect god of what he has given me and wake up the next morning an ugly face. i have really low self esteem and i am 20 years old with only one real friend, coz no one else likes me.

back when i was younger i used to suffer from an eating disorder just to get my parents attention, which finally worked after i ruined everything but now my weight is back to normal, i sometimes wake in the morning and i dont wanna get outta of bed coz i look and feel horrible. i always feel horrible, i cant tell my parents or anyone this coz they will think im stupid.

i cant even get a decent bf that would actually last with me more than a week, i dunno whats rong with me. no one eva comes up and talks to me.i hate myself, i cut myself, i dunno how else i am supposed to make myself suffer because im so stupid!!!!

my own best friend doesnt noe anything like this bout me, i done alot of stupid things to make myself feel betta in the slightest way, but everything keeps crashing down, everyone likes my brothers and my sister but just not me..i dunno what im doin rong!!!

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  • honestly nothin is wrong with you. jus tell your bestfriend how u feel, i mean that is what at bestfriend is there for. But you gotta stop cutting. trust me when i tell you it makes people not wanna be around you , jus find another way to channel your depression(easier said than done. try new things, go out of your element try acting or dressing a different way. jus to mix things up because if your in the same routine everyday it jus depression all over again

    - Every_schools_nobody

  • i cant say i understand what u r going thru - i go thru a similar phase occasionally n i cant seem to get out of it.. during such times it helps to channel the depression in some other way - write about it, leave everything behind and go for a walk in the open or just convince myself tht this wont help and i need to start feeling better..sometimes i just cry and let the pain linger..bt i never let it stay for too long - coz tht doesnt take me anywhere and since no one knows i alone can make myself get better!!

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