Jerked off for a girl passing by my car

I used to have a compulsive need to expose myself. One day I was cruising looking for an opportunity. Saw a young black girl walking down the street and I pulled into a parking lot that I knew she was going to walk by.
As she walked by we made eye contact and she must have seen by my face I was up to no good. She slowly approached the car. I was very hard and my c*** was out. But as she walked up I covered myself. I unrolled the window and said hi. She gave me a suspicious hi and asked me what I was doing. I said oh nothing just having a little fun. She said what do you mean so I showed her what I was doing.
I was so hard and my c*** was already starting to drip some precum. She asked my why I was doing this and I told her I like masturbating and like when people watch me. She said ok. I asked her if she like watching me and she just shrugged with a little smile. I asked her if she like to play with herself and she said yess. I tried to get her to join me in the seat next to me but she would not. So we just kept talking while I stroked harder and faster. I finally told her I was going to c** and she said good with a bit of a smile. And then I exploded so violently that I hit myself in the chin with several wads of c**. She seemed to like it and then she left me.

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  • I've exposed myself and jacked off too, but i always set it up so they didn't know i knew, by setting up a videocam ahead of time. One was a Chinese chick in the apartment across and above me, two were sisters in the seat behind me on a plane, two were sisters on the porch across from my bedroom, one was sunning on her roof when she looked over and saw me. Once at my gf's family cottage she warned me to be careful cuz her niece upstairs could see thru the vent, so of course i wasn't careful, but i doubt she actually saw me. I think there were a couple more times, but that's what i remember.

    The part i liked best was seeing the look on their faces when i later watched the video, usually squinting to look with a kinda grossed-out look on their face, but they wouldn't stop looking.

    So maybe try that. Great memories!

  • You would be surprised how many woman love watching guys m*********. I too love to j****** in front of woman. I don't care who it is, as long as she's got a v***** I'll jack in front of her. I've jacked at my aunt's house and let her catch me, I've jacked at a friends moms house and let her catch me, and I've done the car thing too.

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