My Wife Is Getting Fatter and I Love It

It’s really hard to explain to others, especially in a society built on constant physical activity and judgemental voices. I love my wife, always have and always will. She was always a bit chubby, even when we started dating, and I liked that about her. She was concerned about her weight but not to the point where she obsessed over it. She was happy with herself and loved being 130 Ibs. She ate what she want and enjoyed wherever we went to eat. That’s mostly why I fell in love with her, she didn’t get upset over the little things, and enjoyed the simple pleasures in life.
When she started putting on some weight I couldn’t help but notice, but not for the reasons most people would assume. I actually loved every extra pound on her. The added weight went to all the right places and she honestly couldn’t care less. Yeah she hated having to get new clothes and of course she went through a few diets, but in the end she was comfortable with her newself.
Fast forward and we got married and were dealt with a few family blows along the way. She’s now 200 Ibs and only 5’ 4”. While technically she’s considered obese, her and I aren’t too worried. She still loves herself and I love her. I guess what my concern is, is this normal for a couple to go through? For the man to have more appreciation for a bigger woman? A woman who notices her weight but doesn’t mind being bigger?
Her change hasn’t made things worse but actually improved them. Although we don’t have s** as often as we used to (considering we work so much more now) we enjoy the intimacy much more than ever! I want to know how others feel about this. I’ve read many stories on couples hating the weight gain and threatening divorce and all that, and honestly things like that make me sick and stressed. I will always love my wife, no matter what size she is, but honestly I’m more attracted to her now than ever! And I just want to hear some other stories couples have gone through and if they too have had similar circumstances. Thank you!


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  • I am having a similar experience in my marriage. The only difference is that my wife started out heavier and now is undeniably fat, in the high 300s. I have always preferred thick, chubby women. So when she gained weight it has never bothered me. I love her regardless of her weight, but I am glad that she has never been too troubled by society’s demands for thinness. There have been occasional attempts at dieting in her past but we both love food too much and are not concerned about weight enough to stick to them for long.

  • Agreed! We’re just enjoying life’s simple pleasures. While we do enjoy cruises a bit more than the average couple does we just don’t want the problems and stresses of other opinions worrying us. We’re comfortable and happy with ourselves and as long as we love each other then there’s nothing else we need

  • I hope she trips and falls on you and breaks your neck doing it

  • My wife and I have had the same experience. She has steadily put on weight from her wedding weight of 115 to her current weight of190. At 5’4” she quite well padded. He does not mind,she works out 5 days a week on the treadmill. She is genetically programmed to be plump.

    I love it, she loves it and we have bee together for over 3 years of marriage. For the record, in the same 30 plus years, I gained about 10 pounds. 150 to 160. Just genetically different.

    We are both happy and healthy with each other and our respective bodies. She is sexy as can be and knows I love her soft body

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