Real sissy cuckold

I am a grown man. Good looking a beautiful wife of 19 years . I am a real honest sissy cuckokd and no one but my wife and our bull know it . I wear panties every single day no exceptions. And enforced by my wife . My very in shape body is completely hairless. Legs. Chest underarms I am hairless every place a woman is . I do have a very tiny p**** and accept it .i get punished and love it , spanked. Grounded , sissified as punishment She even made me go to tanning bed wearing panties and a bra !! She milks me prostate milkings . My wife has a lover that is a well built black guy with ten inches. I have watched them f*** for years now .and been there servant as a sissy . My marriage is great. We get along great we love and respect each other .

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  • Your description of yourself makes me so hot. I love wearing everything a woman wears under her clothes, and being shaved all over turns me on too. What I love the most is your Tierney weenie. Dude I would love to come over and spend hours playing with your teeney weenie, thru your silky panties while I am fully dressed up in women's underwear. Then I would love to spend another few hours licking, sucking, & kissing your teeney weenie. It would be like sucking a little boys weenie...and I love sucking little boys. I'd love to make love to your wife too. I want to be both of your s** slaves.

  • Yes sure

  • Sure

  • I believe you have a 2 inch microdick. I don't believe she's f****** a 10 inch black c***. More n**** bullshit.

  • Lame

  • All these posts by guys talking about being sissy cuckloid and I wonder.

    I know it's a great mind f***. A real turn on to be submissive.

    Then there is the contradiction like above where the man talks about how the wife has another lover and they are happy with that and that marriage is great. And tiny p****. Well I dunno.

    I guess it seems to contradict my experience.

    I am submissive to my wife. I enjoy that being submissive. It's a turn on. But it's in the context that she is my lover and I am her lover. I like her to boss me around and be strong and dominant and even to whip me. It's not that I enjoy pain. It's I enjoy submitting to her. But I am a man. As far as I can tell she wants a man. A strong man. Tall, fit, handsome, well groomed, looks good in a suit, looks hot at the beach. Can fix a car or a TV. Takes responsibility for his own action. BUT does exactly what he is told and never argues,

    So in the above type posts, I wonder what is in it for her?

  • Sorry not impressive go f uck urself now

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