Mom made me lesbian

When I was 12, my mom and dad were in their 30s, my dad left mom and me for a younger girl (he was a college teacher and married one of his students). My mom was really sad about it, she was loyal and committed to him for years and after that trusted men again. For two years she dated women (mostly her co-workers and discovered she was bi all along, she never had s** with anyone before dad). I was 14 when it happened, that day she broke up with her then girl friend and came to the house early. She was crying on her sofa. I came home after swimming lesson dressed in my swimsuit all soaked and wet. I saw mom crying and drinking (she does that when every time shes sad since dad left) I went to cheer her up, I held her shoulders and smile, she looked at me and suddenly I noticed change in her eyes, her teary eyes became l*** full. She dragged me to her, tore my swimsuit and held me and got over me, and she started kissing me everywhere, her b****** touching my b******. I tried to push her away , I cried "mom what are you doing I am your daughter", but she was too drunk and kept going on, as I struggled we fell from the sofa, and we rolled on the floor, she still gripping me, her legs wrapped around mine. We were totally naked by then. Soon I stopped struggling and was actually enjoying, and by the time mom came to sense , we were in a 69, her tongue deep inside my p****. She got up immediately, looked ashamed and ran to her room crying "how could I do this to my own daughter!" I ran after her and cheered her up and told her I was ok and was enjoying it. I convinced her to continue and we did it again in the bed, this time both fully aware and having fun. When we were finished mom told me "that was the best s** I ever had". That day I became a lesbian.

Its been 5 years, both of us have girl friends (and they do not know about our secret) now and I am away at college. But mom and I still make love now and then, especially during my holidays, and now I returned home for Christmas and mom will make love with me again the whole week, yay!


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  • Nice and hot, am a straight guy who loves lesbian stuffs, do as you please, so hot ! keep it up <3 .

  • I s** with your mother too, what a small world this is.

  • Hmm, so now you have changed from a boy having s** with his mother to a girl having s** with his mother.
    What the f*** is wrong with you? Stop l****** after your mother you sick f***.

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